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White chocolate is made with cocoa butter, milk, and sugar. It does not contain any cocoa solids.

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How does white chocolate differ from other chocolates?

It doesn’t contain chocolate’s hallmark ingredient. Some purists (and the Encyclopedia Britannica) don’t even consider it chocolate. To explain, let’s start on common ground: cocoa beans. When you dry, ferment, roast, and shell a cocoa bean, you wind up with a chocolate nib; grind that nib into a paste, and you get chocolate liquor; separate the liquor into its two components, and you get cocoa solids and cocoa butter. True chocolate contains cocoa solids; white chocolate,...
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Can you put white chocolate in a chocolate fountain?

Of cource the color should not make a difference
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Do they still make white chocolate raspberry yoplait yogurt?

Gosh! I wish. Yoplait is produced by General Mills. They discontinued white chocolate raspberry but now they sell white chocolate strawberry. ...
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Does firestar like white chocolate?

Yes firestar loves all twoleg food except waffles because he doesn't even know what a waffle is. Who dosen't like chocolate in warriors? Well probably tigerstar, darkstripe, hawkfrost and thistleclaw ...
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What makes gourmet white chocolate so special?

Gourmet white chocolate is made with a high cocoa butter content so it actually is real chocolate. Typical non-gourmet white chocolate is not actually chocolate because it does not contain any cocoa butter. The difference between white chocolate and regular chocolate is that white chocolate has a high milk content and does not contain cocoa powder. ...
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What is the difference between brown and white chocolate?

Simply put, white chocolate is not chocolate. Unlike dark or milk chocolate, it contains no cocoa. It is instead made with milk, sugar and deodorized cocoa-butter. ...
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What is the difference between couverture chocolate plain chocolate and coating chocolate?

Couverture is used mainly by professionals because it is a lot more temperamental to work with. It contains only cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar (and milk solids in the case of milk chocolate couverture). In order to be properly labeled as "couverture", the percent of actual cocoa butter must be between 32-39% I'm not sure what is meant by "plain chocolate." If you just mean chocolate chip kind of chocolate, then that more depends on the brand, but basically it's chocolate with...
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How do you get a piece of chocolate?

from a friend or the store
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Why do people like chocolate?

Not everybody likes chocolate but for the people that do it is because chocolate has sugar in it and that is vey sweet and that's why most people like chocolate Some studies show that chocolate effects the brain, for example it triggers good happy feelings because you have become used to feeling that way when you eat it. ...
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Who invented white chocolate?

White Chocolate really does not exist as its name implies it is the cocoa butter and other ingredients without the chocolate liquor or dark elixir thus called white chocolate. anyone care to correct my answer please feel free to elaborate :) X ...
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Which chocolate melts the fastest?

These are the averages from my science experiment that I had to conduct. Milk chocolate melts at approximately 3 min 36 sec at boiling point. White chocolate melts at approximately 4 min at boiling point. Dark chocolate melts at approximately 4 min 08 sec at boiling point. High-fat chocolates (milk, semi-sweet, white, ect.) will melt the fastest because their melting points are just below that of human body temperature. Most rooms are kept at a stable temperature for people, so melting that type of chocolate does...
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Why is white chocolate white?

This is because it does not contains chocolate at all. White chocolate has cocoa butter in it which gives it a lighter color compared to other chocolates which have chocolate "tonic" ,which is the main part of what is produced when you cook the chocolate. Cocoa butter which is also in some lotions is the "creme" of the chocolate "tonic" and rises to the top when cooked. ...
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Why do people not make white chocolate cakes?

That's a very good question, they don't make it because its very hard to melt the chocolate. ...
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What happens if you make a cake with white chocolate?

nothing will happen if its white chocolate batter. but if its just white chocolate melted than forget it. ...