Whole Wheat Flour

Whole-wheat flour is four made from ground whole grain of wheat. It is most often used in making breads.

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Is unbleached wheat flour bad for you?

No. It is better for you because it is the natural flour that has not been bleached whiter.

I always use unbleached wheat flour and it is good for all baking. If you are baking white bread you need to use strong unbleached wheat flour.

Is wholemeal flour the same as whole wheat flour?

Yes, it is. Wholemeal is the name used in the United Kingdom while whole wheat flour is the name used in the United States. They are powdery food ingrediants made by mashing the whole grain of wheat and is sometimes mixed with lighter 'white' unbleached or bleached flours. All of the grain is used and nothing is lost in the process of making the flour.

Where do I buy sprouted wheat flour to make panocha desert?

City Market Grocery store in Alamosa,Co

(719) 589-2492 you can order over the phone if you don't mind giving a credit card number over the phone. another possibility is special order it through King Soopers the sister company of City Market.

Make sure you tell them to order it from the Alamosa City Market

Another option: Alamosa City Market buys panocha flour from the Fernandez Chili Company. You can contact them at (719) 589-6043. They cannot accept credit cards but will send a price list upon request.

How do you make self-rising whole wheat flour?

For one cup of flour add 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and a pinch to 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Is enriched wheat flour bad for you?

Answer 2There are not enough enriching vitamins and minerals in enriched flour products for even a small child to eat enough flour to overdose on the vitamins and minerals. Enriched flour is NOT "just flour with vitamins and minerals added to improve the nutritional value"

The flour processors, in processing whole grain wheat into "WHITE" flour [also referred to as "Enriched"flour], in effect "grind off all the good stuff," leaving nothing but almost pure starch.

When they finish milling the flour, there are NO vitamins,minerals, or FIBER left, they are all removed in the milling process. In order to give it some nutritional value, they then add-back SOME vitamins and minerals, but the result is NOT NEARLY so nutritious as if they had simply ground the whole wheat grain into flour. But then, the flour would not be "white," and "pretty."

Now, today, IF one keeps up with the large number of health studies, we see results of recent clinical studies that confirm what my doctor told me nearly 30 years ago.

Again, the answer to the question whether enriched flour [highly processed "white" flour] is bad for you, the answer is a resounding yes.

Is whole grain wheat flour good for you?

If you do some research at Fresh you will find it is very good for you. Iused to grind my own wheat and make my own bread and pizza dough and cinnamon rolls out of it and I was very healthy. I am thinking of investing in a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer and a grinder again. The whole wheat kernel is full of nutrition and fresh ground wheat gives you all of that nutrition. It loses it's nutritional value sitting on a shelf. Lots of protein, vitamins and bran to scrub your system clean!

Is it possible to separate sugar mixed with wheat flour?

Yes, it is possible to separate sugar mixed with flour the process by which we do it is by winnowing.

Thanks for checking :))))))

Are there recipes for rye bread without wheat flour?

Type Gluten free rye bread in the search space in your browser. Several came up.

Is whole wheat flour better or barley flour?

Better depends on what you want. You will get a different flavor in the finished product. I'm not sure barley has as much gluten if any so depending on what you were making, it may tend to fall apart or not rise as much. You can mix most any kind of flour with either whole wheat or white flour on a 50/50 ratio. That way a structure can form in the product.

What is wheat flour?

it is wheat that is ground into powder.

Can you freeze whole wheat flour?

You can freeze any type of flour as long as it is in an airtight container.

yes as long it sealed

Is wheat flour the same thing as all purpose flour?

Wheat flour can be any flour made from wheat, which would include all-purpose flour as well as bread flour, pastry flour, whole wheat flour and self-rising flour.

Can you grind whole wheat flour into all puropse flour?

Yes we can grind whole wheat flour into all purpose floor Yes we can grind whole wheat flour into all purpose floor

Where is wheat flour grown?

Flour is made from wheat. Wheat is grown in Kansas, Colorado, mid-western states.

What is the molecular formula of wheat flour?

The flour is a carbohydrate so my guess would be carbon, hydrogen and oxygen but i am not quite sure of the ratio.

Is wheat flour okay in your dog treats?

Absolutely! I make dog biscuits all the time for my dog, and the one recipe i use calls for a good two cups of wheat flour. Its actually better for a dog to eat than regular flour. It also gives some taste

Why is wheat flour bad for you?

it releases sugar into our blood steam quickly, If you eat the wheat flour too much, it can cause Insulin problem in your body.. Finally, it will lead to diabetes.