Wildlife Sanctuaries and Refuges

Wildlife are areas of land set aside for the protection of wildlife to survive in their natural habitats. Hunting is generally restricted, but some sanctuaries or State Game Lands have limited seasonal hunting permits.

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Which is bigger- wildlife sanctuary or national park?

national park, and wildlife sanc. are made for special spieces like tiger

What does preserve wildlife mean?

it means to do environmental things that save animals from extincting.

Why are wildlife corridors important?

Without wildlife corridors, biodiversity would increase greatly as these corridors provide shelter and a method of moving from one location to another, for small, often vulnerable animals. Therefore, if they were removed, only those animals which could survive in the open and escape predation easily would remain.

Is kedarnath wildlife sanctuary a bioreserve?

Yes Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary is a bioreserve, and there is more. The entire area encompassing the Kedarnath and Badrinath is considered to be Naraingarh as per Hindu beliefs and books. The place around Badrinath is so sacred that no one is allowed to shout or make noise here and it is believed that Narayan (God Badrinath (Vishnu)) himself has said that if anybody makes noise of any kind in this area I personally don't like them. An example is situated 1 km to the right of the temple where he himself turned two snakes into stones as they were making noise at the area. So, anyone going there should not make noise or even call other people loudly from behind or from a distance as such a person will not be liked by God himself. However he has alternately also stated in the Bhagavad Gita that no matter how bad or evil a person is when he comes to my place (Badrinath) he should be considered as a saint and treated appropriately, therefore treat all equally and well at Badrinath. Don't disrespect anyone. If you have any other questions regarding Badrinath or the surrounding Himalayas Mountain ranges feel free to write to me at

What is the difference between a zoo and a wildlife sanctuary?

Answer 1:

Both the Zoo and an animal sanctuary give protective asylum to animals and birds. However, the zoo keeps animals in captivity, within artificially created habitat, whereas the sanctuary provides home to animals in their natural habitat without captivity.

Answer 2:

Additional Info: That is correct, but a Zoo is a park made to put the animals on display for the public, that is it's purpose. It is an institution designed to exhibit living animals to the public in a park setting. While a Wild Life Sanctuary is a protected area reserved for animals to live a natural, undomesticated life without threat or intrusion by humans through hunting, trapping, etc. or otherwise disturbing their habitat, and protected lands. That guards the animals normal "wild" life.

Answer 3:

A zoo is designed around the concept of housing, tending, and controlling wild animals safely using enclosures, including the large areas used as ranges, sometimes many acres for some species, while still maintaining the visitors ability to interact with all the different species at the zoo. Some zoos are charity organizations, and do not have to compete out right for consumers spending money, but many zoos are strictly profit driven business. The profit driven zoos are designed to cater more to what they feel customers want or desire for a day out. Many zoos focus on providing the general environment that animals would live in naturally, allowing them to behave as though under normal circumstances, but they must also incorporate the customer's general needs, and provide viewing, teaching, and some direct interaction with most, if not all species in residence. A wildlife sanctuary isn't concerned with the need to support itself. Usually a sanctuary is run by a non-profit organization, single individuals or some type of governmental group. The main priority is the safety of the animals, concerns for human comforts, and desires aren't taken into account. Most wildlife sanctuaries are focused on providing protection for animals, and the land that is important to the well being and growth of a specific species population. They will try to protect the ecosystem to a degree, monitoring the species, using whatever method possible including, long range observation, while giving the species a protected area to live without human disturbance. Some of these sanctuaries, or protected areas have been used for the release of rehabilitated animals, or as the first stage release of animals in breeding programs. This can give animals the advantage of close monitoring during it's first days of adjustment to living in the wild. Both zoos and wildlife sanctuaries don't allow hunting, trapping, fishing, or harming animals in anyway. For more details, please see the sites listed below.

Answer 4:

In Australia, there is little difference between a zoo and a wildlife sanctuary. Both are there for the purpose of displaying animals, and in many cases, both try to replicate the animal's natural habitat as much as possible, allowing them plenty of space to roam free. Cages for the purpose of display are virtually unheard of, and both run programmes to help preserve endangered species. Both seek to educate the public about concerns with animal conservation, and both have shows to entertain the public. Both run hospitals for injured wildlife. The main difference in Australia is that a zoo will feature exotic species, while a wildlife sanctuary focuses on native wildlife.

What is the difference between a wildlife sanctuary and a national park?

The main difference is what government (or non-government) agency manages the land and its resources. Each agency has different priorities as mandated by their organizing legislation. National parks can be wildlife sanctuaries, but a sanctuary is not necessarily a national park. A sanctuary may be set aside by government agency or private group or individual. National parks have specific legislation on the federal level and follow certain laws.

The National Park Service manages U.S. national parks, which happen to be wildlife sanctuaries. Wildlife sanctuaries may be managed by a number of other agencies, state, local, federal, non-government organization, or private interests.

Where was the first wildlife sanctuary in the world?

Sri Lanka. In 300BC King Devanampiya Tissa declared the area arround Mihinatele a wildlife sanctuary and declared that no animals or trees are to be harmed.

What is the name of One who steals games from wildlife sanctuaries?

A person who hunts and steals game from a wildlife sanctuary could be called a poacher. A poacher is someone who illegally hunts.

What is the definition of a wildlife sanctuary?

A wildlife sanctuary is an area specially designated where it is illegal to interfere in anyway with the natural life there. Hunting, shooting and fishing would be prohibited.

sanctuary is a place where killing or capturing of any animal is prohibited except under orders of the authorities concerned. they provide protection and optimum living conditions to wild animals.

What are differences between wildlife sanctuaries and national parks?

National Parks (generally) have campsites and hiking and/or biking trails. They may also provide guided tours of certain points of interest. They are geared toward human visitation and appreciation.

Wildlife sanctuaries provide quiet, placid, solitude for the animals that naturally reside there, as human intervention can interrupt their natural cycles of life.

Are animals confined in Wildlife Refuges?

Some are, some aren't.

An example is the Maasai Mara, a famous reserve in Kenya, Africa. It has no fences. The reserve area is just an area where people may not settle and live. And of course in the reserve area there is no hunting allowed. The animals wander across the area freely. You start seeing animals miles before you get to the reserve.

Another example with a fence is the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park in South Africa, Africa. It is completely surrounded by a very strong fence made from steel cables (actually scrap elevator/lift cables) - this mighty fence is the only way to keep the elephants and rhinos inside.

Should the oil industry drill in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

No. There really isn't that much oil there to make a difference anyway. The Yes answer looses all credibility because he repeats the myth of the pipeline being "warm" and animals loving it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bottom line the negative environmental impact is not worth the small amount of oil that is there to begin with. Allowing drilling there would only be a huge corporate give away of natural resources owned by Americans. Americans own that oil, it belongs to us the citizens. Not a greedy corporation.



Our current high oil prices are a gigantic, blinking sign telling us we need more oil. Yes, it will take ten years to develop the project and really get it moving, but we have been debating ANWR since the 1990's, when the same Democrats objected to drilling there because it would not help us out immediately. If we had started then, we would have access to that oil now. Build it, and we will have fewer problems in the future.

The area that would be drilled is a tiny chunk of a glacial wasteland. ANWR is a HUGE place. All of the environmentalist videos focus on the small, temperate chunks of the park during the warm season. Most of it is ice and rock. You could drench most of this area in oil, and you would only inconvenience a few birds, who would move to another section of barren wasteland in a few minutes.

The caribou population will likely boom as a result the heated pipeline. It turns out that even animals that spend most of their lives in the Arctic hate the cold, and they like to get frisky in the warmth of the pipelines that are already in the region. ANWR's caribou and other animal populations might see a similar increase. This might be dangerous for a few plants, but it will not destroy the park.

Terrorism against the pipeline is a risk, but since the pipeline will travel through a mostly-barren wilderness, an attack on it would not do much good. Of course, if there is no drilling in ANWR, we will have to buy oil from places like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela, who fund terrorism.

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What is World Wildlife Federation?

The World Wildlife Federation is a non-profit organization dedicated to "protecting and preserving all of God's creatures both great and small" (taken from their mission statement on their website). It is connected to the Universal Ethician Church, which uses donations for "protecting God's Creation in Wilderness Cathedrals around Planet Eden" (also taken from their website). More about the Universal Ethican Church as stated on their website: "The Universal Ethician Church is a worldwide interfaith-ecumenical church tasked by the one and only God of the Universe with protecting Creation from destruction due to the unparalleled escalation of human greed and ignorance which is destroying God's biosphere."

Essay on wildlife sanctuaries?

A wildlife sanctuary is a place where wildlife can be safe. endangered species are often kept here under strict government protection.

What human impacts are helping the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

Animals LOVE pipelines. Why? Because they are warm. Even animals that spend most of their lives in cold regions hate the cold. The pipelines in ANWR almost all have a heating system built in to them, and these heaters have attracted large quantities of caribou, and resulted in a booming population.