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Windows 7 (codenamed Blackcomb/Vienna) is a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, and was released in July 2009. This category has questions and answers about its features, tips, and more.

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How do you format a hard drive?

Go to and type in Glary Utilities. Do the 1-Click Maintenance with this software. This is a spam free program and also free to use. It will clean up your computer first and then backup your files for safekeeping.

Then if you wish to reformat, do so after you use Windows Restore in Control panel.

Backup to tape in case you break something important.

Okay, not get a command prompt and type format c: /y

Press [Enter]

When this is done, type sys d: c:

Press [Enter]

You are done.

If you have Windows: yes

1.Backup your data. yes

2.Get a windows CD (not a restore disk).

3.Make a boot disk. yes to all

4.Boot with the boot disk.

5.Type fdisk, see here:

6.Type "format c:" or "format c: /s" Here are more answers and opinions from other Wiki s Contributors:

  • Another way to format your hard drive is to do the following: I am supposing you are going to install the operating system after you have formatted the drive, you must have the Operating system CD (that is Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.Go into the BIOS settings of your PC, usually by pressing the delete key in a clone computer, the F1 key in an IBM and the F10 in a Compaq when you first start the computer. You have to set the start up options to CD first, floppy or removable drive second, and the hard drive third. Save the settings and come out of the BIOS settings. Place the CD in the CD drive and restart. The computer will recognize the CD drive and begin copying files. You will be prompted to install Windows in another location if the system recognized another operating system. It will also ask if you wish to format the drive and will give the option of FAT32 or NTFS. NTFS affords more security options and works better, although it is not compatible with older systems that use FAT32. Format the drive and continue with the installation of the operating system.
  • 1. Backup your files.

2. Backup your VGA/sound drivers. (if stored in the hard drive)

3. Place the bootable windows CD on the CD-ROM

4. Boot on CD-ROM

5. on the command line, type CD win98 then press enter.

6. type format c:/s/u/v then enter

7. Wait for a couple of minutes.

8. Done.

  • XP will format the disk for you. Just boot from the CD and tell it to format the disk.

I'm going to try to answer all of the questions here. First, if your OS CD is not bootable then the best way to format your computer is boot to a DOS bootable floppy and type format C: .

Second, reformatting will get rid of all viruses except for a boot sector virus, which if you had, wouldn't let you boot the computer to begin with.

Third, if you "reformatted" from the bios, then you didn't reformat, you most likely just recreated the partitions, but did not format them. They would be visible as C: and D:, etc. but you wouldn't be able to write to the drives at all. As in the first answer above, boot to a DOS disk and format that way. You should be fine from there.

With great reluctance, and a great deal of bad language. The best thing I can suggest is that while you're thinking of it, and don't really have to do it right this moment, is to look in the help files, print out what you think you won't remember, and make a boot disk on floppy and keep it where you'll remember it. It's really not a terribly complicated process, but it usually needs to be done as the result of some catastrophe, like a virus infection or other serious issue that can't be fixed except by starting over fresh. You will be relieved, when this happens, to have prepared ahead of time. In and of itself, it's not terribly complicated, but it is almost always made necessary by a disaster, and your focus won't be helped any by being upset at just having lost Aunt Nellie's recipe's, or your Master's thesis. Be prepared for the time when..not will be necessary. And, finally, don't forget the old saying that warns you to "save early and save often" when it comes to your work, and to remember always to have a schedule in place to back up your important files. Before I knew better, I lost two years of research once when Windows 95 decided to give itself a few days off. Don't let that happen to you, and don't go into a reformat unprepared. It's just not fun at all. Good luck.

Restart computer into dos mode Win98 Or use Floppy boot disk in Win ME

At the A:/ Type - Format C:

Then computer asks - Are you sure all data on C: will be Lost?

Type "y" then enter and drive will be formatted

Start or restart your computer in DOS mode and type in C:\ then when you are in C: you type in C:\ formatC: Make sure when it says C:\ you put a space then formatC:\ then just answer the questions. Hope this will help you Ray

Please anyone who needs to "re"format their computer--- DON'T! If you don't know how to format a hard drive you probably don't know how to boot an OS into your system. Just because you have a Win98 CD don't mean you have to do it every time you have a problem!

If you find you must reformat and reinstall the OS, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR DATA first !!

Always back up data before problems arise. But after reformat and new install of OS You might need drivers that came with computer or was factory install. I have 2 cds that I made that has all the drivers my system needs. Don't count on your OS to have the drivers. Some of your answers are great for a system that is running, but what if He/She is replacing HARD DRIVE. That floppy reboot disk looks mighty good right about now. Plus not all of us ran out and bought full XP version. You need to install 95 or 98 first if got the service pack. Don't forget the pesky extras, like printers, Laser mouse, Ethernet cards, if your using cable then theres more software. Helps to burn all these to a CD, plus might not hurt to open notepad or word pad and jot down those pesky passes needed for like my cable provider that's needed. I only use these when doing install. But might not use that for long periods and get forgetful.



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How do you open .dll files to see what is written inside?

A DLL is a library file that contains functions for other programs to use. In order for these functions to be run their code must have been compiled. Compiling is the process of taking source code in a language like C++ or Visual Basic which can be read by humans, and converting it into machine code that can be read by a computer processor. As such it is very hard to 'read' DLL files as the actual functional code is machine code. In order to read the source code you would have to attempt to reverse-engineer the machine code. Reverse compilation is touchy legal area which is usually very hard as the machine code may have been written in any high-level language, you would have to find out which one it was written in to have good shot of decompiling it. It would also likely be encoded.

You can use a program such as "DLL Export Viewer" (see Related link below) to 'view' DLL files.

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How do you find out what kind of graphics card you have?

why would i know that

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How do you reformat Windows?

"Formatting" is wiping all files, programs, etc. off of the drive

How to Reformat Windows

This guide will wipe out your current Operating System - and the drive it's on - and start afresh, the new system will have no memory of the old. Please back up your data before continuing.

I STRONGLY recommend downloading all drivers etc for your system and saving them to a flash drive or burning to CD/DVD BEFORE you begin this process! Most device drivers are available on the PC manufacturer's website

  1. Put the Windows CD/DVD into your CD/DVD drive
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. While your computer is booting, if a new message should appear: "press any key to boot from CD", Press any key, go to step 5
  4. Pressing F5, F8 or F12 while the computer is booting should bring up the boot options where you can select from which drive you want to boot. It should tell you which key it is if you watch it booting. If you only have the BIOS setup, change the boot sequence to CD first instead of hard disk, save changes & exit.
  5. Wait patiently for the CD/DVD to load up.
  6. Choose the option which sounds closest to "partition editor" or "custom install"
  7. Here you will see your hard drive partitions. The easiest way to reformat would be to delete all of them and create one new partition. You may need to enable advanced options to see these. You may also consider making one small and one large partition, the small one being around 15GB and the larger one for movies, games and personal data.
  8. Either select a partition and click next, or go back to the menu and select something along the lines of 'install windows'.
  9. The rest of the process is mostly automatic, it may restart automatically a few times, and it could take up to 2 hours, depending on the OS being installed, and the size/speed of the drive.
  10. Follow instructions as they appear, it will ask you to set some things like a computer name and users.

Your reformat should be complete, and it should be just as it was when you bought it (with maybe a few pieces of software missing, but most of it should be in CDs provided when you bought your computer)

On a side note: Ninite is a free website that offers downloads of useful programs such as antivirus, web browser, office suites, and image editors, which is perfect to use after a clean install. you can find it in the related links below.

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Where can you get a Windows XP compatible driver for Pinnacle Miro DC10?

A Google search produces some links to the Pinnacle sys website and some for a Linux driver. The Pinnacle sys site shows only win 9x drivers and a link to a Linux 3rd party driver. It also calls this a legacy product. If that driver doesn't work, the outlook is grim.

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Why is a Tages SA driver being blocked on my windows 7 computer?

Its not compatible with windows 7 Like 99.99% of all other PC products. I think I have found a solution on the site in related links (below). If you update the driver from this site it should work. Remember to choose the appropriate version (32 or 64 bit).

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Why would Windows XP restart itself?

An application called SYSTEM could have failed another application that ALL computers have is SYSTEM IDLE PROcESS that could also have failed. another thing is viruses they can do this to you to a problem with the power could trigger this to you may want to get at least a battery its small and if the light goes out it wiil give you at least 2 hours it preety cool i have one myself. your welcome. This can also be a symptom of the CPU overheating. I have had CPU cooling fans fail resulting in the computer restarting. I invested in a new fan and a tube of thermal grease or thermal transfer compound. This is a vital step in the process and is well worth the money spent.

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What is the default browser in Windows 7?

The default browser in Windows 7 is Internet Explorer version 8.

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How do you create a computer virus for windows 7?

Propagating viruses violate the rights of the individual whose machine it propagates through. If you believe otherwise, you are mistaken. Any program that propagates itself into any machine without the machine owner's permission, is violating that individuals property and right to privacy; whether the individual is knowledgeable enough to know what the program is or not.

"Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should."

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How do you change the Windows XP FTP port?

This actually doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If your trying to listen in on an FTP port, then it's 21. If you are running an FTP server, then the option is in your software. If you are just trying to connect to an FTP server on a non-standard port than using a colon and the port after the host will work fine. If your question is referring to allowing another port into the built-in firewall, then just add a port and call it what you want. If you could provide me with more information I might be able to help you further.

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How do you scan a document to email?

You need equipment a scanner, copier/scanner/printer, etc. to scan your doc. The software will ask you where you want to store it on your computer. Then go to e-mail program and click on new mail. After you fill out "to:", "regarding" etc. find the tab for "attachment". That tab will allow you to search your computer for doc you want to attach and send. Then send!

use program RiDoc (

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How do you delete system32 mtwir dll file?

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Can you play Europa Universalis II on Windows 7?

Yes you can.

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What do you call a template for a workstation configuration that contains all the software the workstation requires?

the answer is refrence computer

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What is the best free email client for Windows 7?

The best free email client for Windows 7 is Windows Live Mail, although there are several that work well.

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Ba second year time table?

ba 2nd year ka exam kab se suru hoga?

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What are computer applications?

A computer application is simply another word for a computer program or an executable file. Examples would be games, word processors (such as Microsoft Word), and media players.

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What does INA stand for in messages?

ina, doesn't mean anyting but people say it when theres nothing else to say.

it can also mean I'm not alien

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Why cant you play sudden attack on window 7?

(well,Windows 7 isn't made for pplying games,they made it for officce work)

Wrong You Can It Can Be Some Reason But really You Don't Need Anything Maybe Your Computer Is Attacked By Virus And Maybe infected the files.

None of that above is correct. The reason you can't play is maybe your graphic or dxdiag is the wrong one. You need the latest version to play sudden attack

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Is Windows 7 more stable than Windows Vista?

I find that it is. I've had windows 7 since January 2010 and have 0 errors, crashes. I am very pleased with it.

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How do you enable Registry Editing again if it has been disabled by your administrator?

First Method:

Click Start -> Run -> gpedit.msc -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Prevent access to registry editing tools -> Right Click Properties -> Set it to Not Configured.

Second Method:

Click Start -> Run. Type this command in Run box and press Ok. REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 Then a prompt will come up with this question: Value DisableRegistryTools exists, overwrite (Y/N)? Type yes and hit Enter. After u did that also type this command in the run box and hit enter. REG add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 Then it will also come up with the question: Value DisableRegistryTools exists, overwrite (Y/N)? Type yes and hit Enter.

Third Method:

STEP1. Disable as much as you can from your startup. Remove programs from your startup folder and such, so as not to lag down the bootup process.

STEP2.Create a new shortcut on your desktop, point it to "C:\Windows\regedit.exe"

STEP3.Log off, then log back on.

STEP4.As soon as you see your desktop, double click on the shortcut. The system does not check for policies until a few seconds after it booted up. If you click on the icon fast enough, it should let you get in. After you close it though, it will not open unless you redo step 3 and 4.

Fourth Method:

Getting into the registry editor by making a vbs script in notepad: Open Notepad and copy this script into it. And save it as regtool.vbs on your desktop. VBS SCRIPT(select everything and copy into notepad and save as regtool.vbs):

Option Explicit

'Declare variables

Dim WSHShell, rr, rr2, MyBox, val, val2, ttl, toggle

Dim jobfunc, itemtype

On Error Resume Next

Set WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

val = "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\DisableRegistryTools"

val2 = "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\DisableRegistryTools"

itemtype = "REG_DWORD"

jobfunc = "Registry Editing Tools are now "

ttl = "Result"

'reads the registry key value.

rr = WSHShell.RegRead (val)

rr2 = WSHShell.RegRead (val2)


If (rr=1 or rr2=1) Then toggle=0

If toggle = 1 Then

WSHShell.RegWrite val, 1, itemtype

WSHShell.RegWrite val2, 1, itemtype

Mybox = MsgBox(jobfunc & "disabled.", 4096, ttl)


WSHShell.RegDelete val

WSHShell.RegDelete val2

Mybox = MsgBox(jobfunc & "enabled.", 4096, ttl)

End If

Open regtool.vbs And there you go!

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How long does it take to use 5 GB on your computer?

It depends on what you are doing. If you copy one DVD (single layer) on your hard drive it will take up almost 5 Gb.

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How do you compress pictures in Windows 7?

There is no windows tool to do this search online for a free photo compressor

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What affects screen clarity on computer window?

Well the type of display you are using would be helpful as some have adjustments built into them. The way to change a poor display and make it more clear would be to change the resolution of the monitor. With Win XP and others go to control panel, if the control panel items are listed under the "Classic View" option select the "Display" option and then select "settings". Under the settings category You can play with the screen focus by adjusting the "screen resolution" option under the settings category. If your control panel is in the "Category View" mode select "Apperance and Themes", then select "Display", Settings and play with the screen resolution tool. You may also want to check the monitors drivers for up to date drivers and if using a crt monitor there is a focus adjustment under the main cover. Be careful if you try adjusting this as high voltage can be present even when the power is off. ( A charged capacitor bank) Good Luck!!

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How do you remove Startpage 8 AT located in C Windows system32 knqtwz dll?

I followed the recommendations from the answer given to: "How do you remove Trojan Horse: in wC:\windows\system32\fiealab.dll? Posted on August 16, 2004.

I'm using Windows XP Pro SP1. HijackThis helps to identify the problematic files/keys and then you can clean/delete them. I think you'll need to clean/delete these: 1. in "regedit" those keys identified by HijackThis. 2. Remove the startpage/searchpage/default page entries that point to the "Trojan" page. These include: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Default_Page_URL" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Local Page" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Start Page" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Default_Page_URL" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Local Page" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Start Page" HKEY_USERS\...\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Default_Page_URL" HKEY_USERS\...\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Local Page" HKEY_USERS\...\software\microsoft\internet Explorer\Main"Start Page"

3. Reset c:\windows\hosts and c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts back to just one line " localhost"

4. delete the .dll file (in my case it was called c:\windows\system32\system32.dll)

I found Windows locked the .dll file and could not be deleted. To solve this, I re-boot the machine in safe mode. I almost stuck there as I could not login to the machine without the administrator's password (it was a company PC). Likely, I've created a floppy boot disk which enable me to re-enter in normal mode and to change the administrator's password as my username has administrator privilege! Only when I'm in safe mode can I delete the .dll file. I think this is the part that causes so many trouble with other people infected with StartPage (mine was StartPage-DC).

winxp_boot_disk.exe can be downloaded from I also need floppy_disk_manager.exe (from the same site) to create the floppy. Of course an up-to-date virus scan is required.

After spending almost one whole working day browsing internet for help and virus information. It seems that my computer is clean now. Hope this would help.

Well, as described above might work, but it is much easier in case you know how to do it. It took me also half a decade to find that out. You just need to run HijackThis. After a scan you can select the regedit items as listed in the post above (they'll all be identified by HijackThis as bad entries) an let the program do the cleanig for you. But the most important is to get rid of the hknqtwz].dll in the sytem32 folder which is normally "untouchable". To delete this just run HijackThis, Config-button on the lower right, then "Misc Tools" and "Delete a file on reboot". There you select that f..... hknqtwz].dll. Now you just have to reboot and voilà should be gone and never come back. If this file is not removed, all the regestry entries will come back. Hope I could help ;0))


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