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Released in October 2012, Windows 8 is Microsoft's newest operating system, designed for use on tablets and PCs. Alongside the release, Microsoft opened the Windows Store with thousands of apps for use on Windows 8.

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How do you connect a PC to my laptop as a monitor?

I use to work testing laptop panels using LEM pixinator. If you use a newer PC then it may be possible. The trick is getting analog laptop panel to sinc with newer AGP card. then there is an issue of converting the data cable to VGA or DVI and inverting the power 5 or 10 volt. Radio Shack probably has the hardware to convert the power. not to difficult. the data cable lead can be bought online or possibley salvaged from the laptop it came from. then you will need to join that cable to a VGA adapter.

If the two PC's are networked, you can use the MaxiVista software, which extends your primary PC screen onto one (or more) network available PCs. The software is very simple to install.

Most laptops have a 15 pin connector on the back, which is the standard monitor cable connector. Most LCD/plasma TVs also have a 15 pin connector also, so you can go into your nearest computer/electronics store and pick up a 6ft 15pin monitor cable for under $20. If it is a modern laptop, it may have HDMI instead, in which case you can connect it to a HDMI monitor or most LCD/plasma TVs.

Buy a vga male to male cable. Make sure your PC and laptop, both have female VGA inputs. it looks like it has about 12 dots (a vga input) and also looks similar to a weird rectangle.

Windows 8

When is windows 8 being launched?

Windows 8 was published on October 30th, 2012

Computer Monitors
Windows 8

How do you connect a PC without a monitor to a new HP laptop in order to use the laptop TFT as a monitor to the PC?

not an expert, might point you in the right direction though. with my laptop there is only a monitor Out, so i couldn't plug a monitor in like that (i assume your's is the same - but if you have two monitor sockets and one is a monitor input you might be able to plug it in there)you mentioned two NIC's (i assume network interface connection?) there's a thing called Remote Desktoping that means you can connect to one computer via another using a network or internet connection. If you had the PC set up to automatically accept a Remote Desktop connection from your laptop, you could connect via the NIC's and effectivly have your PC viewable from your laptop.You could use Microsoft's Desktoping method (only if the PC is Windows XP), or a friend uses VNC. I've not used either so can't guarantee them but their options.

Be careful with security though! If the PC is also on the internet be careful not to open yourself up to being accessed thru the software you install by other people.

Hope it helps, sorry if it was a bit long!

MS remote desktop info:


If you just need to work through the command line ie backups etc get putty.exe and connect through SSH. Assign one PC and the other, connect them with a RED crossover ethernet cable, just connect to the PCs IP address the u assigned it.

If there is a network connection between the computers, ie both on the same network or a crossover cable used as the previous answer indicated, you may used VNC to operate one computer from the other. There are any number of VNC's; I happen to like RealVNC:

I have a home network and I use a laptop in the family room to do work on the office computer upstairs. Keyboard, mouse, monitor all work like I was sitting in front of the PC in the office.

Windows 8

When is Windows 8 scheduled for release?

Windows 8 was released 26/10/2012

Windows 8

Is There Going To Be A windows 8?

Windows 8 was released world wide 26/10/2012.

Windows 8

When is windows 8 coming?

Windows 8 was released world wide 26/10/2012

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How do you stop the error 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file?

If you are getting that error, it means that either Java is not installed, or is not in your path.

If Java is not installed, go to to install the most recent version of the JRE.

If you're sure you have already installed Java ensure the Java executable is in your system's path. You can do this by first finding the directory it is installed in. For example, mine is installed in C:\Program Files\Java\jre6. The executables are located in the bin directory.

In order to set your path (Assuming Windows Vista), go to Start -> Control Panel -> System, then click on the 'Advanced System Settings' link on the left, then the 'Environment Variables' button. In the lower section (Labeled 'System Variables'), scroll through and find the item labeled 'Path' and double click it. In the field labeled 'Variable value' go to the end and add a semicolon (;), and then the path your installation of Java is located. Using the example I gave above, I would have added ;C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin to the end of the line.

The procedure for 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 is the same, except the text you will add to the Path variable is ";C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin". Notice there is still a semi-colon at the beginning of the line.

Once you have done this, you will need to close and reopen the command prompt if it is already open, and you should be able to run java without getting this error message.

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How do you connect a PS2 through a media center PC to play on an LCD monitor?

Connecting a PS2 Through a Media Centeri doubt that is even possible, but you can buy a VGABOX to connect the ps2 to a FPD. or you can build your own vga cable if your electronic savvy by going here to get the playstation pinout but after that's built, you will have to use a lm1881 Sync Seperator to separate the Sync on green line. and go here for that
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 7?

The Pros and Cons of Windows 7:
  • 7 is faster than Vista, and in most cases, faster than XP.
  • 7 has a lot of new and very nice features that aren't in other versions.
  • 7 looks nice, is designed for touchscreen interaction (everything is larger by default)
  • 7 is fully compatible with Vista (uses the same kernel)
  • 7 has compatibility mode with XP SP3 & Vista SP2.
  • 7 is not easily upgraded from XP, it's the same process as XP to Vista
  • • The graphical user interface was upgraded in the windows 7 operating system.

    • Windows defender was proved to be best in giving protection to the system.

    • Fast start up and shut down.

    • Windows update feature for all the software and components.

    • Attractive themes implemented.

    • Automatic defragmentation of the hard disk.

    • Windows media player version proves to be great.

    • Performance of internet explorer 8 is good which comes along with the operating system.

    • Remote desktop connection provided along with the operating system.

    • Sticky notes and the gadgets of the windows 7

    • Faster than the other operating systems like windows vista and windows XP

    Even though these features are present in the windows 7 there are also some drawbacks in the windows 7. Because of these drawbacks, people are not using windows 7 efficiently and they are getting back to the windows xp. Now let us see on the disadvantages of using the windows 7 operating system.

    Drawbacks of windows 7

    • The first main disadvantage of the windows 7 is the hardware configuration. Windows 7 needs RAM capacity of at least 1 GB.

    • Windows 7 cannot be easily upgraded from windows XP. It has the drawbacks in upgrading the operating system in the easy manner.

    • Only the advanced users are convenient with the windows 7. New users find it difficult to use windows 7 and they switch back to windows XP itself.

    • Sometimes driver support is not providing for the old systems and the old version of motherboard. This disables some of the features in the windows 7.

    • Many users have encountered the problem of BSOD with windows 7 and have reported. This problem occurs often because of the software and the hardware changes in the system.

    • Many applications have failed to run in windows 7 and they are asking for online support.

    • Only the high end computers can install the windows 7 and it can be used only in highly configures systems.

    • Various old softwares that are into existence will not work in the windows 7 operating system. It will be a great problem to search for the windows 7 compatible versions for the particular software.

Windows 8

What is a translator in computer?

Translator is defined as a computer program that converts instructions written in one language to another without changing the initial logic in terms of computer language.

Windows 8

How do you downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7 with only a factory reset disk and still keep your files?

Put everything on to another disk then when you are done put everything back on.

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Where is the computer on a 1994 Saturn automatic?

In the right kick panel.

Windows 8

Why can I not see videos im using Windows 8?

There is no problems watching video in Windows 8. There might be a format problem. Try another file or another program. Research your file type online.

Windows 8

When Windows 8 will launch in India?


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How do you get rid of the preview pane in Windows MailVista and just have it show messages received?

How to close the "Preview Pane" in Windows Email Open your Windows Email. Click on "Inbox". At the top of your screen click on "View". Scroll down that menu to "Layout" and click on it. Scroll down that menu and uncheck the box/circle that reads "Show preview pane". Click on "Apply" and it will immediately disappear. Click on "OK" and it will do the same thing, but you will have to shut down Windows Email before the change takes place. When you re-open Windows Email there should be no more preview panes. Char aka Charlie

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Where can you find a person to fix your windows?

Your local Pennysaver or town paper, the stores have bulletin boards with business cards, the phone book, all under handyman, repairmen, or even window specialists. As with any contractor you hire, check their license and get legitimate references. The best ones are the ones you can go and see their work... Shop around and get at least 3-4 different estimates....

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Who is going to invented Windows 8?


Windows 8

Is Windows 8 better than Windows 7?

A lot of people dislike Windows 8, and are trying to avoid it, often by using Windows 7 instead. In fact, Windows 8.0 was such a flop that Microsoft had to create 8.1, in which they fixed some bugs, and put back the start menu. 8.1 was met with better success, but people still don't like the "tablet" style system, or the greater internet dependence as much. For this reason, Windows 10 is said to be more the "desktop" style again, like Windows 7 was. Perhaps it is better in some ways, but in general, I think it is not.

Windows 8

When will Windows 8 be available?

How old is this questions?

It's available now...

Windows 8

Were do you find the calcalator in Windows 8?

Ca net find my calculator

Windows 8

What is the latest version of Windows 8?

Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update (also known as KB 2919355)

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Download new ksafoneplus dialer?


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Windows 8

Are ink jet printers compatible with Windows 8?

Yes they are... Each successive version of Windows comes loaded with more and more drivers for printers and other peripherals. Chances are your printer will work without additional drivers (it worked with mine !)

Windows 8

Will the photos be saved if you install Windows 8?

If you use Windows' upgrade tool, you can choose / define what to keep and what not to keep, so providing you choose to keep your photos, then yes -- they will.

Windows 8

What changes are there between Windows 7 and Windows 8?

In Windows 8 they added new programs , better interface, is faster when data processing , in addition to the store where you can download products from windows , it is more comfortable to work with games and any other program with many graphics, the package Office 2013 this windows and many other Flat characteristics


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