A carnivore related to the jackal and domestic dog, two species of wolves are recognized. One is C. lupus, the gray or timber wolf, which was once widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia. The other is Canis lupus rufus, the red wolf, which now only occurs in northeastern North Carolina and on St. Vincent's Island off the Gulf Coast of Florida.

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Do wolves eat zebras?

Most wolves don't live in the same location as zebras. However, I suppose if you did put them together, the wolf would probably hunt the zebras, as they are similar to their natural prey, elk and deer.


What is the analogy of wolves?

It is pack


Can wolves purr?

As a start, Wolves do not belong in the family of cats. They are more "Dog" like.

Look at the Latin name. Canis Lupus (Gray Wolf). Canis is Dog, Lupus is Wolf. This makes Dog Wolf or Wolf Dog the other way round.

A cat, or the Cat family start with Felis in Latin.

This just to "easily" distinguish between the different families of species.

Cats purr, where as dogs do not.

As of being in the Dog Family, Wolves do not purr.

The cubs might make growling sounds when playing and cuddling. This might be interpreted as purring, but is not the same.

Other possibly interesting facts about Wolves and dogs.

Dogs and Wolves can interbreed.

Being so closely related they produce offspring that themselves can breed and multiply.

It is believed that our common dog(s) are in fact tamed wolves to start with.


The last answerer was absolutely correct, wolves do not come from the CAT family at all and they are part of the DOG family so they normally do some of the things that dogs do, except roll over!


What color is the nose of a wolf?

A wolfs nose is typically brown or black.


How do wolves breathe?

Wolves breath from their lungs (like us) breath from their nose (like us) and breath from their mouth,or snouts, or muzzles (like us)

They have lungs and breathe through their nose like us.
Same way you do.
Through their mouth and nose.


What level consumer is a wolf?

The wolf is a second level consumer. This means that the wolf feeds on the primary producers, and is prey for the first level consumer.


How many litters can a wolf have in her lifetime?


Arctic Wolves

Where do white wolves live?

White wolves typically live in arctic areas where the color of their coat gives them camouflage. This includes Alaska, northern Canada, Russia, and Scandinavia.


How many stomachs does a wolf have?

A wolf has not one, but two stomachs. The first stomach is used for regurgitating food for pups or any other reasons, and the second just functions as normal.


How tall are wolves on their hind legs?

Well it will depend on the dimensions of body length + shoulder height so; According to wikipedia - Adult wolves are 105-160 cm (41-63 in) in length and 80-85 cm (32-34 in) in shoulder height. So if we do the smallest sizes 1st- 41+32 = 73 inches ( 6'1) . Then again the largest size 63+34= 97 inches (8'0)

In summation, wolves are rather tall animals on their hind legs; between 6 ft 1 to 8 foot, the average height for a wolf on their hind legs would be about 7'2".


Do wolves eat penguins?

Penguins and wolves are not in the same areas.

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How would a biologist explain the relationship between a dog and a wolf?

They would say they are different strains of the same species. Dogs have been bred from wolves by choosing animals with specific characteristics.


Does Gadget the Wolf (Sonic Forces) have any backstory aside from being the last troop in team wolf?

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

Name all the wolves in the world?

Alaskan Tundra Wolves, Alexander Archipelago Wolves, Arabian Wolves, Arctic Wolves, Baffin Island Wolves, Bernard's Wolves, British Columbian Wolves, Cascade Mountain Wolves, Dire Wolves, Eastern Timber Wolves, Ethiopian Wolves, Common Gray Wolves, Great Plains Wolves, Greenland Wolves, Hokkaido Wolves, Honshu Wolves, Hudson Bay Wolves, Iberian Wolves, Indian Wolves, Interior Alaskan Wolves, Iranian Wolves, Italian Wolves, Kenai Peninsula Wolves, Labrador Wolves, Mackenzie Valley Wolves, Mackenzie Tundra Wolves, Maned Wolves, Manitoba Wolves, Mexican Wolves, Mogollon Mountain Wolves, Newfoundland Wolves, Red Wolves, Southern Rocky Mountain Wolves, Texas Gray Wolves, Tibetan Wolves, Tundra Wolves, and Vancouver Island Wolves are all that I know of, and some of these might not even be around anymore.


How do wolves avoid predators?

Wolves are apex predators themselves and have no predators.

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Can you ride a wolf?

You can ride a wolf but you would probably get hurt and probably be considered an animal abuser

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

How many bones does the gray wolf have in its body?



Do wolves hibernate?

No, wolves do not hibernate. They are active all four seasons of the year.

Wolves do not hibernate , instead they grow a lot of winter fur to protect them from the cold.
No, they don't.
No, they are actually very well suited for winter without hibernating. They can stand temperatures of up to -94 F quite easily.
No they don't. Like the mountain lion, they need to stay awake to find food.
Wolves don't hibernate. However, during the winter, it is hard for them to find enough food to eat. So although times are hard for wolves in winter, they don't hibernate.
No, they prefer the cold
No, they absolutely don't.


How do you write the sound that a wolf makes?

Wolves are very similar to people, so there emotions change. If you want the howl it is easier to just say 'the wolf howled as he stood in the night' you can change the word HOWL to SING or even SPOKE.

If you need the wolf to be doing something you can use words like

  1. Snapped
  2. Growled
  3. Grunted
  4. Barked
  5. Yipped
  6. Yowled
  7. Snarled
  8. Whimpered
  9. Winced

But because wolves always move when they make sounds you should also talk about what caused the wolf to make those noises.

This is an example from my story...

The wolf's forehead, neck hair and hackles were raised. Ivory teeth appeared between the jaws, its tongue moved around its mouth, and saliva dripped from its lips.

"At least you know what is going to kill you. So I can kill someone smart for once." The wolf snapped stepping closer to her. 'What do I do? Somebody, somebody help.' Elspeth's heart beat faster with each passing second. The wolf lifted its right paw partly above ground; its claw sparkled from the rising sun. 'My voice won't work!? Why, why won't it work?' Elspeth closed her eyes and blocked her head with the back of her arms.

"Kedna down!" a deep voice beckoned toward the wolf. Elspeth opened her eyes to see a guy standing between her and the wolf. There wasn't anything wrong with him; he appeared normal; well as normal as a well toned guy could. Her eyes moved across his backside, he wore a school uniform. 'Maybe he's a knight trainee, I should ask.' She thought. 'No!' shaking her head and returning to her senses. Kedna stepped back and retracted his claws as much as he could.

"Are you ok?" the guy asked scratching his scruffy copper colored hair and looking away from her. 'He's got a strange energy aura around him; I've never seen one like that before.' Elspeth though as she stood up and wiping the dirt off her skirt.

"I'd be better if your pup didn't try to kill me."

"Did you just call me a pup, girl!" Kedna snarled almost went after her again; however the guy interfered-again.

"I told you not to go around attacking humans." The guy yelled at Kedna in the same tone as before.

"Yeah well I'm not the one who used magic to win a sparring match."

"I didn't cast that spell and you know it. You're just trying to win that match."

"As if, I could beat you any dame day!" Kedna growled back.

I hope this helped you, and anyone else who wants to know.


What do you call pregnant female wolf?

I don't think there is one. Some animals don't have a name for pregnant females.

Females of the dog species used to be called bitches, but that has turned into a "nasty" word, so some people try to avoid it by saying she-wolf or she-dog instead. And pregnant is pregnant, although the word "gravid" is also sometimes used.

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The period when humans first domesticated plants and animals is known as the?

Neolithic Revolution.


Can eagles eat wolves?

Pretty much all predatory animals have an opportunistic streak in them.

An eagle might have a go at a young stray cub, or try for a snack from the carcass of an already dead wolf. But an adult wolf would be too big for an eagle to Think of it as suitable prey.

Yellowstone National Park

Why did the removal of wolves affect the entire Yellowstone ecosystem?

Wolves were over-hunted and over-trapped, leading to a near extinction within the park boundaries.

But, every part of an ecosystem relies on other parts. When one key feature is removed, it negatively affects all the rest in the chain. Scientists found that reintroducing the wolf into the park even changed how the river flowed !


What are wolf's weaknesses?

The wolves' weakness are guns. Shoot the gun in the air and you will scare them.

It won't be scared to attack you with food. Never go on its land.


What do gray wolves eat?

Wolves eat meat, animals both large and small.
They hunt herbivores, like elk, deer, and moose. They hunt these large animals while in a pack.
When alone, they may prey on birds, fish, snowshoe hares, mice, lemmings rabbits, etc.

Grey Wolves will eat anything ranging from field mice to huge Caribou.

They are Carnivores; meat eating animals.

A Gray Wolf eats deer, elk, rabbits, and some other, smaller animals, like cats and dogs. They do not eat people.
They have a diverse diet but are mainly meat eaters. But they can and do eat some plants ( if very hungry ) Their chief large prey are herbivores, like red deer, reindeer, moose and bison, and they catch smaller animals, like boar, beaver, hare, rodents and birds. They also scavenge carcasses and eat insects, nuts and berries.
They have a diverse diet but are mainly meat eaters. But they can and do eat some plants ( if very hungry ) Their chief large prey are herbivores, like red deer, reindeer, moose and bison, and they catch smaller animals, like boar, beaver, hare, rodents and birds. They also scavenge carcasses and eat insects, nuts and berries.in the night
Gray wolves eat many types of animals but it isn't surprising to hear they sometimes eat berries too.Gray wolves eat:rabbits,ducks,moose,deer,rodents,fish,and other animals smaller than themselves.Wolves are at the top of the food chain.So wolves eat almost anything from elk to berries.

Grey wolves will eat deer, moose, and elk. If there is nothing else, they have been known to eat cattle.


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