Wood-Burning Stoves

It might be considered primitive in today's high-tech world, but there's no heat as cozy as that of a wood-burning stove. Questions about the differences in the various types of wood you can burn, hardwoods vs. softwoods, safety precautions when using your stove, cooking in - or on - the stove, and more.

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Where can you find information on Lakeside Foundry Company in Chicago?

Lakeside was a Montgomery Ward & Co. brand name applied to a number of different products over the years, including stoves, bells, guns, tableware and even records.

An Illinois-published Biennial Report of the Secretary of State, State of Illinois, for fiscal years October 1, 1902 through September 30, 1904, indicate the business office for Lakeside Foundry was at 618 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, and was valued at a mere $2,500. The listed address became the site of Montgomery Ward's Catalog House in 1907; however, Lakeside Foundry continued to be listed at the same location until at least 1920 (Illinois Certified List of Domestic and Foreign Corporations for the Year 1920).

In 1904, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania published a list of new charters of corporations that included a Lakeside Foundry in Erie, PA, accessible to Chicago via rail and water. Erie was a popular area for iron smelters due to the quality of raw material in the region, and the ease of transport to other parts of the country.

"LAKESIDE FOUNDRY COMPANY -- Erie, June 29, 1904. Capital, $650,000. For the purpose of the manufacture and sale of all kinds of castings, stoves, ranges, furnaces and heating and cooking appliances and carrying on such other business as pertains thereto."

(List of charters of Corporations Enrolled in the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1901-1903, Alphabetical List of Foreign Corporations)

"Foreign" means the headquarters was located outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in this case most likely Chicago, Illinois.

While there are no online records supporting this theory, it appears Montgomery Ward & Co. may have acquired Lakeside Foundry (of Chicago) for $2,500, with the intent of building the Catalog House on the property. Optionally, they may have already owned the business and simply relocated it to Erie around 1904.

It is also possible the business was originally owned by the more widely recognized Lakeside Foundry of Detroit, Michigan, which manufactured engine castings for Ford Motor Co., but aside from the shared name there appears to be nothing else connecting the two. (There was also a Lakeside Foundry in Racine, Wisconsin; one in Indiana; and one in Canada. None appear related.)

Illinois and Pennsylvania records last mentioned Lakeside Foundry in 1920, at which time the foundry building was apparently sold, renamed Lakeside Forge, and used to cast industrial parts of some kind (possibly railroad). Montgomery Ward may have sold this unit because of a national financial panic in 1920. The company lost 10 million dollars that year, and JP Morgan and the First National Bank of New York acquired much of their stock.

For this reason, it seems likely the majority of stoves manufactured by Lakeside Foundry of Chicago were made between c. 1904/05 and c. 1920. Montgomery Ward may have continued using the "Lakeside Foundry" name for branding purposes after that date, however. Lakeside stoves manufactured after 1920 were probably made by either Estate Stove Co. or Rymer.

Earlier castings, including iron bells dating to the late 19th-century, were most likely made at the foundry's riverside location in Chicago. The original business may have been a bell foundry, as the variety of articles available under the name "Lakeside Foundry of Chicago" in the 19th century is limited.

It should also be noted that Montgomery Ward sold stoves, ranges and heating appliances manufactured by other companies for sale under Montgomery Ward brand names such as Windsor, Thorne-Windsor, and Sun, among others.

Some of their early 20th-century suppliers included the Estate Stove Co., of Hamilton, OH, (later owned by Whirlpool) and Rymer Manufacturing (later called Dixie Stoves, which eventually became Magic Chef). Rymer, a Tennessee company, was involved in a lawsuit for selling Montgomery Ward a stove identical to one manufactured by a competitor, Anchor Stove & Range.

Montgomery Ward also imported unbranded wood/coal-burning stoves from an unknown manufacturer in Taiwan.

The first person who answered this question located the following ad printed in the Chicago Tribune on October 7, 1945:



Sand Cast or Permanent Mold

Prompt Service and Delivery

Lakeside Foundry Service Co.

39 S. La Salle, Rm 925 Central 8892

This was a relatively small building in a business district (not a factory), possibly used as a base of operations for service and delivery dispatch, assuming it was connected to the aforementioned Lakeside Foundry of Chicago at all.

Can you burn cedar deck wood in wood stove?

Cedar- yes. Wood that has been treated to resist rot/insects, no. THAT wood has been treated with Chrome/ Copper/ Arsenic (known as CCA) and the smoke is VERY bad for you.

Removing melted plastic from a wood stove?

It's next to impossible. You could try chipping it off, or you bring the stove outside and burn off the plastic.

Who made the daisy wood stove?

i have one and stamped on the plate on the front door

Jacobs Mfg. bridgport ala.

I would like to know what year it is?

How is white oak to burn in a wood stove?

Seasoned (dry) white oak may be one of the BEST woods you can use. Oak, hickory, and ash wood have high heat values, low creosote production, and long lasting coals. Good stuff!

How do you protect kids from a wood stove that will not be in use without spending a fortune?

There isn't a big danger if it isn't in use. The only danger would be if they fell and hit themselves on it. You'll just have to watch them carefully around the wood stove and teach them not to run around it and to be careful. Kids can learn at a really young age the proper behavior around different things or people.

Secure the door with a plastic wrap and tie it well, to prevent anyone from opening the door.

What is the value of a Glorious Windsor model stove made by Lakeside Foundry Company?

The Glorious Windsor stove was manufactured by Lakeside Foundry of Chicago, a company owned and operated by Montgomery Ward between c. 1904 and c. 1920. The foundry was actually located in Erie, PA, not Chicago, but the headquarters was listed at 618 W. Chicago St., the address of the Montgomery Ward Catalogue House.

Depending on the condition of the stove, its value is approximately $175 - $300. If the stove is in excellent condition, you may want to have it appraised before selling (if that's your intention).

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Is it safe to burn wood from old power poles in your house?

NO. They have been treated with preservatives that will produce possibly poisonous gases.

Supreme comfort cast iron wood cook stove from southern cooperative fdyco in rome ga patent 1922 you would like info on it?

The Southern Co-operative Foundry was in Rome, Georgia. It was incorporated in 1898 and closed in 1971. It manufactured a full line of cook stoves and wood or coal burning stoves as well as grates and kettles. I have two of their old catalogs from the 1908-1912 era. Their cook stoves were the "Dixie" line. Their products were very well cast and are collectible today.

How do you burn unseasoned wood?

Same as seasoned wood except you may need to clean out the chimney residue more oftenb.

How much is grandpa fisher wood burning stove with screen worth?

Well...since they were designed without afterburners...they are less than legal. When that became a requirement, the old man stopped making them.

That being said, they are wonderful combustion machines. The price would depend on your location. In the is more of a novelty. In the is a requirement. My guess is $1k south and $2k north.

"Afterburners" are found on aircraft, not wood stoves. Secondary burn tubes were not invented until much later, but the step top was later found by the EPA to create turbulence aiding in better combustion. They ARE legal in all but WA, OR, and CA due to new EPA standards in those states. After 1979 they are UL listed. However, NFPA 211 contains standards installing unlisted stoves safely. Grandpa is a double door stove with 8 inch outlet, not as efficient as the single door Bear Series, it's value between 200 and 400 anywhere.

Where is Atlanta stove works?

The manufacturer is no longer in business. They have been purchased by a company called Martin Industries in Florence, ALabama so you could start there.

How much does a cord of fire wood weigh?

A cord is defined as 128 cubic feet (3.62 m3), corresponding to a woodpile 4 feet (122 cm) wide, 4 feet (1.2 m) high and 8 feet (244 cm) long. So the weight would depend on the type of wood. Cherry or apple would weigh several times what balsa would.

Also, the pieces of wood are irregular in shape so you would not be able to weigh a "cord" of wood with precision. That is why "cord" is a term of measure not weight, just like inch, foot, yard, mile, square ft., etc.


A cord of wood, dried and stacked well, will vary in weight from about 2000 to 4000 pounds. Clearly, softwoods, such as pine, will weigh on the lighter side and hardwoods on the heavier. If the wood is not dried, it is likely to weigh from 3000 to 5500 pounds, but different woods contain different amounts of water, so it is a little harder to predict without knowing the specifics.

There is a good web page with information about this, run by the University of Nebraska, at the link below. It provides a good deal of information, including weight of a cord, by species, dried and not.

What is the age of an Admiral Gray wood cook stove made by Lakeside Foundry Co in Chicago?

The Lakeside Foundry operated from 1904 to about 1920. The stove is 100 years old, give or take.

Cast iron cook stove made by atlanta stove works on the oven door there is the name red mountain hh what is the history of this stove where can you find parts you need a complete water reservoir?

Atlanta Stove Works, formerly maker of the "'Cue Cart," a great grill that I must have cooked 100M lbs. on, and other excellent smaller models, such as the Sportsman portable grill of all cast iron. A great little grill. I treasure mine. Alas, the company bit the dust from terminal stupidity of management. It was absorbed by Birmingham Stove Works which became Birmingham Stove and Range. I met with them about 10 years ago to get them to restore the 'Cue Cart to their line. They were all flamed up about the big sales in wood burning heaters and pooh-poohed the idea of keeping a dumb grill. They made the excellent woodburning heaters under tha names of Atlanta Stove Works, Birmingham Stove Works, Knight Heater and Ashley. I have a wood cook stove with Red Mountain L on the door of it, Cannot find any thing here on the net with this on a stove, I have found red mountain J,, red mountain T would like some information on these stoves , mostly the Red Mountain L one,

How can you clean the soot off your wood burning stove and surrounding bricks?

An easy way is to use a paint scraper. Any sharp edged object should be useful.

It is important that you do this regularly...soot can actually catch fire if left to build up, and can therefore be very dangerous.

How does a damper work?

A damper restricts the air flow.

In a fireplace, the damper is closed to prevent air from going up the chimney, with a resulting loss of heat in the house, when the fire is not going. When a fire is to be started, the damper is opened to create a draft to vent the smoke.

In a wood or coal burning stove, the damper is variable and can be used to regulate the draft. The more widely open the damper is, the greater the draft, and the hotter to fire burns. This sort of damper cannot be closed all the way, because it is necessary to vent slow fires.

Sometimes, a stove will have multiple dampers for different purposes. For example, a wood cook stove will have typically a damper on the flue, to regulate the heat of the fire, and a separate damper so the cook can choose to vent the gasses from the fire directly into to chimney, which would be how a fire is started, or around the oven, so the oven can heat nicely once a good draft is established.

In other systems where air is moved, dampers can be used to stop the motion of the air. A fire damper is one such system, where the damper is used as a safety device to prevent a fire from spreading.

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Where can you find information about a stove marked with the address 101 A Lakeside Foundry Chicago Ill and the company that made it?

You are probably talking about a Glorious Windsor stove manufactured by Lakeside Foundry of Chicago, a company owned and operated by Montgomery Ward between c. 1904 and c. 1920. The foundry was actually located in Erie, PA, not Chicago, but the headquarters was listed at 618 W. Chicago St., the address of the Montgomery Ward Catalogue House. 101 A is a model number, not an address.

Depending on the condition of the stove, its value is approximately $175 - $300. If the stove is in excellent condition, you may want to have it appraised before selling (if that's your intention).

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Can you get poisoned from creosote from a wood burner?

Yes, IF the combustion chamber and flu system leaks and allows combustion gasses to escape into the area where you are.

When was a Lakeside Foundry Windsor stove made?

Lakeside Foundry belonged to Montgomery Ward, and was in operation from c. 1904 until c. 1920; however, other manufacturers, such as Estate Stove Co. and Rymer also made stoves for the mail order company.

There were many different models of Windsor stove made at different periods in the company history, but the Lakeside brand may have been discontinued after the foundry in Erie, PA, closed in 1920.

Does wood burn in the oven?

Yes, wood will burn anywhere where is enough oxygen and enough heat.

If you shovel the wood in an electric heated oven the wood does not lit automatically, because the 300 degrees celcius an electric oven can generate is not sufficient to set the wood on fire.

But if there is a piece of paper or bark, it is possible that lits up and sets the wood on fire too. But if you lit the wood in the electric oven, propability is you will burn your house down along with the wood.

But I highly recommend you use an oven that is meant to be heated with wood.

What is the hottest burning wood for a wood stove?

In my view, the wood pellets which are made from the different agro-wastes and forestry wastes are the hottest wood all over the world. And owning one pellet machine is a best choice.

I have found pellets to be so expensive as to be more costly than gas, especially when you add the extra most insurance carriers ask for. The hottest burning wood I know of is hedge, aka osage orange. It burns so hot it will melt the grates out of a stove not built for coal, and if you give it too much air, will melt your whole stove.

2nd Answer: Hickory and Oak are probably your best bet.

Is magnolia wood good for burning?

Magnolia has a heat value similar to Willow. It is not as good as Oak, but better than Poplar. It will need seasoning (drying), and will weigh about 35 lbs per cu ft when dry, compared to Oak at 57 lbs per cu ft. Not bad wood, not the best.