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What happens when human drinks sea salt water Yahoo Answers?

It's not a bad idea as long as you don't drink too much of it.

What does yay high means?

It's an expression possibly originating from the 1960's and must be accompanied by a measurement usually shown from the ground to your hand showing how tall a person had been. "I first met him when he was Yea or yay high"

Are all rocks the same if not why?

nope < they are like snowflakes all one of a kind .

i think they are all the same because sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock can change into one another during the rock cycle so yes they are the same

Which website do you think is better and why - WikiAnswers or Yahoo Answers?

WikiAnswers vs Yahoo! Answers

WikiAnswers vs Yahoo! Answers - Both Great But... The key here is that on WikiAnswers the answer is dynamic. It can be edited and improved upon by multiple users, so that you have the most complete, well-rounded answer - with contributions from one or many different users.

Other key element is the merging of identical questions - so that when someone asks, "Why does a sliced apple turn brown?" and someone else asks, "Why did the inside of my apple turn from white to brown?" the questions will be merged into one; and in addition the answers will be combined, so that there are no repetitive questions and the result is a single, complete answer.

Yahoo! Answers, on the other hand, takes user questions and answers individually. There is no dynamic adding or improving to a single answer, but rather lists of answers submitted by individual users.

The three main differences in usage are the following:

  1. In WikiAnswers the answer is all in one question (essentially one answer that can be improved on), whereas on Yahoo! Answers a question can have lots of people each contributing an answer. The best answer is chosen by the asker, or - failing that - by other users.
  2. In WikiAnswers, one's question is continuously open for contributions; on Yahoo! Answers, however, your question is open for 3 days - or 7 days with deliberate extensions - though some celebrities might have questions open for a month.
  3. In WikiAnswers, a question is limited to 200 characters, whereas on Yahoo! Answers, while there is a similar limit, the questioner can add details that others can't remove.

More opinions from our users:

  • Each website offers users a unique experience in the realm of Q&A. Thanks for participating!
  • WikiAnswers is better. Yahoo! Answers is too complicated and you have to have avatars and stuff, which is lame.
  • I prefer Yahoo! Answers. You get a Top Contributors badge, Contacts, Interaction with other users, points, spell check and the information is more accurate. But Yahoo! Answers does have bad-quality, considering the layout of the site and a lot of Internet trolls. This site however looks quite deserted. I haven't interacted with any users on this site. I only log in once every year.
  • Yahoo! Answers does have the fact that it probably has more users (automatic Yahoo! account). However, WikiAnswers has some features YA doesn't have, such as ever going answers to questions, community driven (only a small group of people are working for WA, and they are part of the community). Also there is more human-to-human (through computer) interaction on WA since you can use the message board of any given user. There isn't a race to answer the most questions, or to have the most points, but the main focus is more on the quality (which by the way, can bring more rep points).
  • WikiAnswers is almost perfect.
  • Yahoo! Answers is almost perfect too, although you need points - which can be annoying.
  • The strength of WikiAnswers can also be a weakness. Because anyone can edit answers, including unregistered IP users, nonsense and irrelevant answers can be posted, and even remain for some time.

    The time and use restrictions of Yahoo! Answers means that questions tend to be less frivolous (but not always), and there are few insults or foolish responses. The drawback is that there is less chance a good answer will be found within the allowable time window, and an asker may be given conflicting answers from which a correct one may be difficult or impossible to discern.

  • I'd just like to briefly mention that Yahoo! Answers and WikiAnswers are both good places to find answers. However, it really does depend on the subject you are searching for. One of the things about WikiAnswers is that only one answer can be saved, which leads to situations like the one you see right now. However, WikiAnswers is definitely better monitored than Yahoo! Answers, at which you can find irrelevant and sometimes dumb answers. However, Yahoo! Answers does provide a good amount of personal insight and commentary for the answers. So it all boils down to the subject. Math, history, etc. - go for WikiAnswers. Easy, everyday stuff - Yahoo! Answers.
  • WikiAnswers has Supervisors that monitor questions and answers for language, sexual content and personal attacks, something that is seen too frequently on Yahoo! Answers.
  • While Yahoo! Answers has automatic censoring for even case-appropriate words like "ass" (male donkey) or "bitch" (female dog), which are rendered into "---" and "---" however the short time for answering questions seems to facilitate other vulgarities.
  • I believe WikiAnswers is much better than Yahoo! Answers because most of the garbage and junk are filtered out and eliminated. Also, answers are compiled rather than being a dozen separate answers, all of which may have value, but only one is termed "best."
  • WikiAnswers is better because there are more people and you don't have to sign up for an email account.
  • Personally I think WikiAnswers is better, because more people visit WikiAnswers than Yahoo! Answers.
  • As a result of a review of a number of questions and answers on both sites (primarily in the sciences), it's easy to say WikiAnswers has Yahoo hammered. There is no comparison. The WikiAnswers website does, in general, provide greatlysuperior (not just superior) answers to questions than the Yahoo! Answers site. The searchlight far outshines the flashlight.
  • Yahoo! Answers is much better; I never run into unanswered questions.
  • I think they are both great in a way.
  • Yahoo is more popular then WikiAnswers, perhaps because they are faster at getting answered, as well as the preeminence of Yahoo - though that is changing.
  • WikiAnswers is more accurate because Yahoo is like a competition to get the best answer.
  • WikiAnswers filters better then Yahoo does.
  • WikiAnswers creates a collaborative effort to get a good answer, rather than a dozen answers that have to be looked at and one 'picked.' However, with Yahoo Answers - as well as Answerbag and even Wikipedia - one can see previous answers.
  • Yahoo Answers! has enjoyed much popularity (as has Answerbag - which might even be more popular than YA), but WikiAnswers seems to be increasing its popularity at an accelerated rate.
  • WikiAnswers is better than Yahoo because we get the answer very soon and it is so clear....
  • On WikiAnswers all you do is correct, improve and answer questions. BUT on Yahoo you can do all of these: create a personalized avatar; send messages to your friends; add friends/family/contacts; answer fun and easy and challenging questions; people can answer your own questions; the public can choose the best answer for your question; your question/answer gets rated; you can choose questions from different topics e.g., hair + beauty; there are polls and adverts, you can web search!
  • Definitely WikiAnswers: It is easier to navigate; you can edit almost everything, even stupid questions and answers; no distracting advertisements; more people use the site, so you get faster results.
  • Definitely Yahoo! Answers: There are friendly "Ask," "Answer" and "Discover" buttons at the top, along with an extremely easy-to-navigate "Categories" tree down the left side of the page.
  • The comparison is tough, because there are a lot of "Help me" questions on Yahoo! Answer. It is very easy to navigate to your area and find a few interesting questions to answer. One feature that struck me with WikiAnswers is that once you type a question, you are offered a list of similar questions. With Yahoo! somebody asks "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" every day and users rarely bother to search for other answers for the same question before posting.
  • WikiAnswers, of course!! Was there any doubt????!!
  • Yahoo! Answers, because of two words: "Best answer" (see the related link below).
  • I totally disagree with the user above regarding Yahoo! Answers. I once asked a question that got 3 responses; I know, for sure, that none of the answers were right. Therefore, the answer that got voted as "Best answer" was misleading and, to boot, incorrect.
  • When I ask questions on WikiAnswers, sometimes the question is already fully answered, with no wait! On Yahoo! Answers, I have to wait a couple days for the answers to come in, and the answers are usually short and sparse, if at all useful.
  • It's not even a question! WikiAnswers combines everyones answers into one easy and awesome page that can be edited with new info every second!
  • Yahoo! Answers has duplicate questions and opinions arguing with one another.
  • If they battled it out, Yahoo would be so busy sorting who was up to bat that Wiki would knock them out before they had time to say "Help."
  • Yahoo! Answers: it's faster to navigate and is more user- friendly. And it's easier to interact at Yahoo!
  • WikiAnswers forever.
  • Comparing the number of answers - the number of good answers - and the ease of use, it is not even a contest. At Yahoo! the same question may be asked over and over, and never get an answer. The correct answer may not be judged the "best answer" because it is done by unqualified voters. No attempt is made to prevent identical but rephrased questions which then receive different answers. As an unmoderated chat spot, Yahoo! is fine. But if you are looking for answers, ask here, on
  • No question... WikiAnswers, of course!!!
  • In my opinion I say WikiAnswers is better than Yahoo!
  • Well, seeing as I'm using WikiAnswers, it's obviously attracted me. Yahoo! Answers, in my opinion, has too much garbage and too little filtering, too many wrong answers, and too much trolling. But WikiAnswers is well filtered with people answering quality questions. WikiAnswers is also growing in popularity, so Yahoo! Answers will probably die out in a while.
  • Yahoo! Answers can be answered by anyone but the other answer can still be seen.
  • WikiAnswers is a lot better. When i went to Yahoo! Answers I looked at the same question and most of them commented that they had never heard of WA before. So the only problem with WA is lack of public recognition. I'm not being biased; the first website that I found was Y!A, and hated it immediately I only visited Yahoo! for online chess. But when i found WA, I immediately made an account and began answering and sometimes questioning. One thing for WA to do is to make a better badging system... basically levels or extra badges in between Bronze and Silver contributors... To sum up: WikiAnswers is better in content, but worse in recognition.
  • Both can be subjected to abuse, and answers must (of course) be treated with extreme caution. Yahoo! Answers is far more popular; it has a higher population of trolls, but also a higher population of "helpful" people who might not have any idea of a real answer, but who do a quick web search to post a quick popular answer to increase their ratings. Ridiculous answers can be voted in as the best possible answer (just clicking to vote for any one answer gives you a point, and there's no bonus for selecting the one that is finally chosen as best answer... Generally a single vote for your own answer is enough to guarantee success in the game).
  • I like WikiAnswers better because you can see more than one answer to a question instead of voting which answer is the best, even if it's wrong on other sites. Each site has it's downfalls but WikiAnswers has people who greet new visitors, called WikiGuides. We also have Supervisors who you can contact if you need an answer right away or to contact to report bugs, vulgarity, intentionally wrong answers or if you have any other questions. We have a Teen group called WIT (WikiAnswers' Influential Teens). We have a community forum and are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to make it a better experience for the visitor.
  • Yahoo Answers is much better because people cannot change other people's answers or write nonsense. You can only choose to put your own answer. Additionally, there is a place to put your sources on Yahoo Answers, making it even more reliable. Many times I have asked a question on Wiki Answers and gotten a wrong answer. People also write nonsense or even inappropriate things.They could have changed someone's right answer. That is not the case on Yahoo Answers. I hope it's now very clear that Wiki Answers is not reliable and should not be used.
  • Agreed, Yahoo is more reliable. I just use Wiki Answers my school computers don't block it. But use Yahoo for more accuracy . Plus you can see who answered on Yahoo better! But don't worry, I always answer the truth on WikiAnswers.
  • I think that WikiAnswers is much better than Yahoo answers. It is much more efficient, having a single answer for a single question, as opposed to many contradicting ones. As said before, there are Community groups like the WikiGuides, WIT, and the SPA program that make contributing a lot of fun and provide an opportunity to get to know the site better. Although there are vandals and spammers, there is a Vandal Patrol and Supervisors that are constantly looking out and can block/warn them. People can provide a source on WikiAnswers through the 'related links' option. In addition, the silly questions that are often asked on Yahoo answers, if asked on WikiAnswers, can be deleted/trashed.
  • WikiAnswers is better due to there being less vandalism to Yahoo Answers. The answers are given more accurately too. I also think that the system that WikiAnswers uses to moderate the content of the site is much better than Yahoo Answers because there are programs such as SPA, WIT, WikiGuides, Supervisors and Vandal patrol etc. It includes the community more than Yahoo Answers which seems to have a force of moderators that seem to not be able to tell the difference between someone asking a perfectly sensible question and someone asking a stupid question. Yahoo Answers also doesn't have enough moderators for the website size so they introduced the rule that if any user reports another users' answer or question, that answer of question will be removed from the website. This has resulted in users reporting the contributions of their rivals and overall reducing the quality of the site.

(For more information about WikiAnswers, click the Related Link below.)

How do you know if answers on WikiAnswers are right or wrong?

(*Wiki s are provided subject to the Site Disclaimer at the related link below.)

Objective assessment of independently verified facts, concensus, and consistency. On the internet, it is generally good advice to be wary of uncited information.


The dilemma you present is inherent to all topics found on the internet. All you or anyone can do is find a site that is well regulated, & to check your answers with other sources.


You can't be certain how valid an answer is on a site like this where everyone is encouraged to provide answers.

It never hurts to do a little research on your own once you get an answer and see if the facts match up.

It also helps if people would mention where they got their facts.

And (this should be obvious) if a reply starts with something like "I'm not sure, but..." or "I think..."

And thanks to many helpful, responsible and knowledgeable people, incorrect information is often noticed and commented on.


Please bear in mind, too, that some questions relate to very complex issues and no single answer will be right in an 'absolute' sense. Obviously, a question like 'What were the underlying causes of WW1?' isn't comparable to 'How many yards are there in a mile?' The question about WW1 is still a matter of scholarly research and debate, whereas the question about yards in a mile is quite different. (Having said that, some answers will certainly be inaccurate). With experience, you may be able to work out whether an answer is well informed - whether the person who wrote it seems to have done plenty of reading on the topic or not. You may be able to develop a the ability to recognize answers that are a repetition of what the answerer learned at high school, and may now remember inaccurately. Some answers may be based on guesswork, and you may be able to learn to recognize these.

In general, one should be cautious about accepting a simple answer to a question about things that are complicated.

If you need to be reasonably certain about the accuracy of an answer, you should do the necessary research in the ordinary way, and treat the answer(s) you get here as possibilities, not as definitive.


If an answer is wrong, we hope someone with the right answer will fix it. You can report errors to the category supervisors.

Although an answer may not satisfy your question, in many cases it may indicate terms or corrections that will help locate your information.

How long is Yahoo Answers down for?

nvm, i figured it out. 6 hours. I think now there is about 40 minutes left.

Can you answer a resolved question on Yahoo Answers?

No,you cannot.You can only answer open questions on Yahoo Answers.

You actually can answer the resolved question as soon as a user hasn't picked "the best answer." I remember I asked a question about dating and got so many responses, and I chose the response in regards to dream marriage and then marked it as my "best answer," and the rest of the questions were still there but other people couldn't reply anymore.

What is the difference between wiki and Yahoo Answers?

On Yahoo!Answers if you ask a Question then you will got different suggestion on that Question from different peoples and you to select best answer and you will get points.But on Wiki Answers,there can be only one answer to a question on Yahoo!Answers,people can improve it.

Why does WikiAnswers have more questions than answers?

Everything on WikiAnswers is a work in progress. We're not a site that posts finished versions of questions & answers. == == Naturally, there will always be more questions than answers. More people ask questions than answer them, and many questions haven't been answered yet. Moreover, some questions are unanswerable. Since you can ask anything here, there is no guarantee that someone can answer you. And keep in mind that people who contribute answers are ordinary people who log in to see what kinds of interesting things people are asking. There is no assigned paid staff handling questions in any kind of systematic way. Volunteer Supervisors do their best to keep topics in order as they can spare the time to do it. Many questions don't have enough information to be answered. For example, "How old do you have to be to buy alcohol in a retail outlet?" needs to include a country and/or state (or province). The correct answers vary from one country and place to another.

Can you post a FAQ from another source with copyrighted answers?


Under US copyright law you can only use one or two sentences of someone else's copyrighted material and then only for specific purposes such as review, critique, or educational (see "fair use").

Even if it is your own copyrighted material, we still ask that you do not post more than one or two sentences. Anything you do post becomes part of WikiAnswers and any WikiAnswers Contributor can add, edit, or remove parts of it. This is essential to our "wiki" system of collaboratively growing FAQs. WikiAnswers Contributors can improve each other's answers. This wouldn't be possible if the original answerer wanted to keep the copyright to their answer.

So, I'm sorry to say, you cannot post copyrighted material whether you own it or not. If you posted your copyrighted text you'd be giving up the copyright. If you posted someone else's copyrighted text, we would need to remove it so we don't violate that person's legal rights.

If you have a FAQ of your own or see a FAQ on someone else's Web site that is copyrighted, here's what you could do. Post the questions as new WikiAnswers questions. In the answers, quote one or two sentences from the other site. Or even better, summarize the answers in your own words. Then link to the other site in the right hand column of the page under "More Information" where it says "Related Links." This would benefit WikiAnswers visitors and the owners of the copyrighted material.

How do you put a NET sign in link on your site?

Do you mean a Microsoft Passport Network (or .Net Passport as it was previously)? If so, this is the generic sign-in portal:

How do you send pictures on roblox?

Save the picture as a decal on, then send the decal's URL through a message.

How do you create new Yahoo ID?

Go to the Yahoo website

Click on "sign up" just under the search bar.

Create your new ID on the sign up page.

How do you confirm your Yahoo email account?

When creating a Yahoo! email account, all you need to do is provide your full name and birthday. At this step you will also need to create an account username and password that will be used in access to your account. No confirmation is needed unless you are proposed a minor on the site. In this case you will need a parent's email or phone number in order to access and create your account.

What questions should you ask a wrestling coach?

Whatever you want to know. Are you talking about amateur or pro?! If amateur, maybe, about how the matches go, weight classes, or something of that sort. If pro, what you need to do, to get into OVW or other high quity training camps. What is the average time, you have to train, before you even have a chance to get a conract, what are your chances in making it through the training, or anything else. If you become a rookie, in WWE, your yearly income will be in the range of $250,000. It going up from there, if your making money for the WWE, but you'd have to be determand to make it, as a supertar, for that to even happen. As for TNA, I can't tell you much, about the company, but your chance of a contract, with them, would be higher, considering they are still a small promotion, and slightly less strict on reqirements. But you have a be willing to make it a large part of your life, either way.

What is the rotameter orificemeter venturi meter pitiot tube i want to question related to these and answers?


These are used to measure flow rate.

Orifice Plate

With an orifice plate, the fluid flow is measured through the difference in pressure from the upstream side to the downstream side of a partially obstructed pipe. The plate obstructing the flow offers a precisely measured obstruction that narrows the pipe and forces the flowing fluid to constrict.

The orifice plates are simple, cheap and can be delivered for almost any application in any material.

The TurnDown Rate for orifice plates are less than 5:1. Their accuracy are poor at low flow rates. A high accuracy depend on an orifice plate in good shape, with a sharp edge to the upstream side. Wear reduces the accur

Venturi Tube

Due to simplicity and dependability, the Venturi tube flowmeter is often used in applications where it's necessary with higher TurnDown Rates, or lower pressure drops, than the orifice plate can provide.

In the Venturi Tube the fluid flowrate is measured by reducing the cross sectional flow area in the flow path, generating a pressure difference. After the constricted area, the fluid is passes through a pressure recovery exit section, where up to 80% of the differential pressure generated at the constricted area, is recovered.

With proper instrumentation and flow calibrating, the Venturi Tube flowrate can be reduced to about 10% of its full scale range with proper accuracy. This provides a TurnDown Rate 10:1.

Variable Area Flowmeter or Rotameter

The rotameter consists of a vertically oriented glass (or plastic) tube with a larger end at the top, and a metering float which is free to move within the tube. Fluid flow causes the float to rise in the tube as the upward pressure differential and buoyancy of the fluid overcome the effect of gravity.

The float rises until the annular area between the float and tube increases sufficiently to allow a state of dynamic equilibrium between the upward differential pressure and buoyancy factors, and downward gravity factors.

The height of the float is an indication of the flow rate. The tube can be calibrated and graduated in appropriate flow units.

The rotameter meter typically have a TurnDown Ratio up to 12:1. The accuracy may be as good as 1% of full scale rating.

Magnetic floats can be used for alarm and signal transmission functions.

Pitot Tubes

The pitot tube are one the most used (and cheapest) ways to measure fluid flow, especially in air applications as ventilation and HVAC systems, even used in airplanes for the speed measurent.

The pitot tube measures the fluid flow velocity by converting the kinetic energy of the flow into potential energy.

The use of the pitot tube is restricted to point measuring. With the "annubar", or multi-orifice pitot probe, the dynamic pressure can be measured across the velocity profile, and the annubar obtains an averaging effect.

What are the worst answers to the question 'What is your biggest weakness'?

The most feared question of the job interview is "What is your biggest weakness?" There are many ways to get this wrong:

The worst thing to do is to admit a weakness that's so bad that nobody will hire you, such as: # I'm really lazy. # I can't control my temper. # I killed my last boss.

Don't do that. But people are so afraid of making this mistake that they do the opposite: They try to BS their way through this question by pretending a strength is a weakness.

# I'm so good at what I do that I make the people around me look incompetent. # I work too hard. # I care too much. Don't do that either. You'll come off as shallow, manipulative, and insincere.

If an interviewer asks you this question in an interview, he or she wants to find out if you can take criticisms, and if you can admit your flaws and mistakes. And that you're working towards either correcting them or working around them.

Don't just look at this question as a crisis to be survived. Look at it as an opportunity to shine.

Your best strategy is to admit a real weakness, calmly and sincerely, while also showing why I'd be so happy that I hired you.

Here's one example:

"Usually I'm able to inspire my team, and I usually do a good job aligning their passions and skills with the company's needs. But when I can't get a person to want to do the job, and I have to have the tough conversations, I struggle. That's when I have to turn to my manager for some guidance and support. Sometimes you've got to be tough, but it doesn't come naturally for me, and it's a real challenge for me when this happens."

That answer helps you show who you really are, and why I should hire you. You admitted a real weakness, and showed that you take it very seriously, but the weakness was wrapped inside a bigger strength. And in the answer, you showed me what you're passionate about at work.

Here's a final example: "When I sit in a bug-review meeting and somebody can say 'Lower the priority on that, raise the priority on that, defer this, close that…' I'm always so impressed, because I can't do that. I can't think that fast. I always need more time, to think about different perspectives. I wonder what's the problem behind the problem, and I try to find a solution that gets the best of all worlds. And that's great, when there's time, but you can't do that on every bug in your bugbase. I've always managed to complement myself with people who are really good at making quick decisions. And I've always positioned myself so I can apply my strengths, analyze the bigger questions, and propose solutions. But stress-free rapid-fire decision-making… I've tried, and I've found the best solution is to find people who are great at it and work with them."

This is a little riskier, because some people will never respect you for just accepting a weakness and working to your strengths instead. But it's often worth it, because even if it risks losing a job you'd be miserable and terrible at, it increases your chances of finding the job that matches your strengths. Note how in that answer you show where you can really help the company, and you show how much you appreciate other people and their skills.

Finally, these kinds of answers, if they're sincere and personal, will make you stand out. If there are a lot of people competing for a single job, your best bet is to stand out in a positive way, and ironically the "What is your weakness?" question is a great opportunity to do that.

In summary… don't just repackage a strength as a weakness. Take the risk, and admit a real weakness, but in a way that also shows off your strengths, your sincerity, and who you are.

What are the stages of critical reading?

First of all, the student should read the subject to get a good lead of the essay. Then, he should browse through the pages without actually reading line by line, this helps to get a general gist of the topic to be studied. The third and most important stage is reading through carefully and making notes were one thinks requires more stress.

How do you answer a question on Yahoo Q and A?

First, you gotta make an account. Then find answers or unanswered questions (there's probably a good chance there's a button for that) and there will be some kind of "Answer" button.

Hope this helped!

Why no Email getting through from Yahoo Answers I use Yahoo Classic mail I get no notifications from YahooAnswers of Best Answers I know I've had atleast 30 Otherwise mail works Help?

The usual reason for such a problem is that one of the emails was accidentally marked as SPAM, so all new emails from Yahoo Answers also goes to the SPAM folder. Check your spam folder to find an old one, open it up, and mark it 'Not Spam'. If you do that, all new ones should show up properly.

If you can't find one in the SPAM folder, check your TRASH folder instead. If you can find an old one there, move it to the SPAM folder, then open and mark as 'Not Spam'.