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How can create new account Yahoo Mail?

For Help contact :1-877-778-8969

Go to Yahoo's homepage. Click the MAIL tab. Sign up (fill out requested information). Agree to the term and conditions.

From the Yahoo mail click on the option to sign up. On the next screen, you will type in your name and create a password and security question. You will also pick an email address or create one of your very own.

How do you get rid of newspynotice.html?

Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

Run Superantispyware

Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

First run spy-bot s&D. Then adaware. Uninstall all toolbars. Download google tool bar. Go to start, run, reg edit. Search for TSCASh or any other program left and delete the results.

I had the same issue on my wife's system and this is how I solved it. I tried every pest, spyware, and virus scanner around and none detected or fixed this issue. This is what you need to do:

1) Make sure Internet Explorer is closed.

2) Back up your Windows registry. To do this, click on Start, Run, then type "regedit" and click OK. You are now in your windows registry editor. Now, at the top of your screen click "Registry" and then "Export Registry File". Make sure to select the Export Range radio button that says "All". Name and save the file to your desktop. This may take a while to complete, so be patient.

3) After the registry backup is complete, navigate through the registry to the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main" branch on the left side of the window and look for the "Search Bar" Key on the right side of the window. Double-click on the "Search Bar" key and change the value to "" (without the quotation marks) and click OK. Now close the Registry Editor. What this did is change your Search Toolbar built into Internet Explorer back to the default.

4) Now, find the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop. Right-click on the icon and select "Properties." Click the "Programs" tab and click "Reset Web Settings". A Reset Web Settings dialogue box will appear. Make sure the box is checked that reads "Also reset my home page" and then click "Yes". Next, click on the "Advanced". Click on the "Restore Defaults" button. Then click "OK" at the bottom of this window.

5) You should now be able to open Internet Explorer and your home page will be set to Click on the Search button in Internet Explorer and you should see the standard search bar with a Microsoft Corporation copyright at the bottom.

6) Sit back, relax, and curse those bad, bad, people that do these things to our machines.....

Can you check your yahoo mail on a different site other than yahoo?

No you can't. You can Authors purpose is the different reasons why authors write something. For example, they write to: inform, persuade, entertain, or explain something. thank you knowles.

There is no such widget or module, I believe that this would infringe on some sort of copyright issue.yes you can if you have them all sent to one mail box

How do you find out the undisclosed recipient?

You can not actually get them - the information is not sent with the email.

You can try replying all and ask for a "confirm on receipt" reply. You may be lucky and get the receipts but it depends on how the mailing list has been set up.

You have yahoo im can you im someone on aim?

of course you can jus go on to meebo and sign on to the 1 that says yahoo and add ur aim friends from there

Bagaimana Anda bisa mendapatkan kode konfirmasi yahoo?

kode konfirmasi sy tdk masuk,emai saya salah terus

Can you chat with mindless behavior on yahoo?

1. Get a shirt 2. Say "I will destroy earth" 3. Click "start" then "all programs" then "command prompt" 4. Download a existing program, (blender or other) 5. On command prompt. Type " CaPtAIN AmeRica" ur done

How do you remove the advertisement at the bottom of Yahoo's chat room page?

Yahoo ads By far, the simplest way to remove advertisements (or other unwanted items) from a web page is to use a browser that can support removal of these display elements.

One known browser that can do this is the Firefox browser. Download and install Firefox. Next, install the Remove It Permanently extension. You can remove any display items you want from sites you visit often. Both Firefox and extensions are free.

When using a client outside of a web browser (I.e., Yahoo Instant Messenger), you have a couple of options. You could use a program called YTK, which has an option to hide these ads in Yahoo Messenger, though it costs money. Alternatively, you could use a 3rd party client such as YahELite instead, which displays no ads.


New :

I say you should either get firefox or google chrome, install adblock plus, and block the ads.

The term pruritus means?

also known as itching, is associated with most forms of dermatitis

What is a POP mail server?

AnswerA Post Office Protocol (POP) mail server is a server that complies with the RFC standard 1939.

Here is a basic run down.

The Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (POP3) is intended to permit a workstation to dynamically access a maildrop on a server host in a useful fashion. Usually, this means that the POP3 protocol is used to allow a workstation to retrieve mail that the server is holding for it.

POP3 is not intended to provide extensive manipulation operations of mail on the server; normally, mail is downloaded and then deleted. A more advanced (and complex) protocol, IMAP4, is discussed in [RFC1730].

AnswerA POP mail server (or simply "POP server") is the most common form of incoming email server. Basically, the POP server is what receives the email and is almost always used with an SMTP server, which is the outgoing server. The best way to find out the address of your POP server is to ask the company who is providing your email service. You will need to know this information if you are planning to set up an email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook, or Eudora to access your email. AnswerPOP (Post Office Protocol) mail client programs (e.g., Eudora, Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook) allow you to retrieve your e-mail from the central server to your local computer. When someone sends you an e-mail message, the message is received, processed and stored in your mail file on the central mail server (for most this is slate).

You can access your e-mail: 1) locally by logging onto the mail server and using a mail client program (e.g., "pine" or "elm"); or 2) remotely by using a POP/IMAP client program. With a POP client your e-mail is copied/retrieved from the mail server to a local computer. With an IMAP client your e-mail is accessible remotely, but is stored and managed on the server. (A subset of POP e-mail client programs also function as IMAP clients. The advantages and disadvantages of POP vs IMAP are discussed in the "Electronic Mail Quick Reference" guide. IMAP configuration is discussed in the "IMAP Quick Reference" guide.)

If the Feds are investigating you can they read your erased emails in Yahoo and conversations in Messenger if you didn't save them?

Yes. A good rule of thumb regarding email, or anything else you send over the net, is this: If you can't bear having it read aloud in a court of law, don't send it. The above is good advice, but I'd take it a step farther. If it is private and you don't want anyone/everyone to see it, NEVER send it in an e-mail or IM, do not talk about it in chat rooms (chats can be saved), do not post it on message or discussion boards. In fact, you'd do well not to even save it on a disk, CD or your computer if it is something the Feds would be interested in. I learned this years ago: If you don't want someone else to see/read it, don't write it down. I learned this the hard way after having my mother read my diary when I was a teenager, then again years later, when my husband started reading my personal journals. If the Feds are indeed investigating you, even hard copies (pen and paper copies) could become open to scrutiny if they find enough evidence to merit a warrant for your home. This advice has apparently come a bit too last if you're already under investigation but the best way to protect your privacy and stay out of trouble is to simply avoid questionable activities. It's not hard, hundreds of millions of people manage to do it their entire lives.

in the short form Yes in the long form you could encrypt everything you do but it wont help your case to look like an very paranoid person as if you had something to hide you could also find a way to flip a switch to destroy/mame/melt/ damage until it looks like dust your computer but sooner or later you could slip up and get busted so in conclusion attempting to evade the law is a stupid and immoral idea Yes. Calea, Patriot Act, Carnivore, Echelon, Matrix, Safeback, Snapback, keyloggers, pen registers, Microsoft/AT&T backdoors, FBI staffed computer forensic labs, etc. are all REAL. Your ISP has a record of every single thing you have typed on record. and...don't forget to point your webcam at the wall...... Check the related links below for a good site on laws pertaining to internet use. Answer first of all, it's not wise to post a traceable message asking if you can avoit the feds who might even be reading this now. The only way to hide it from the feds is to use a public computer and hope nobody sees you

How do you know if answers on WikiAnswers are right or wrong?

(*Wiki s are provided subject to the Site Disclaimer at the related link below.)

Objective assessment of independently verified facts, concensus, and consistency. On the internet, it is generally good advice to be wary of uncited information.


The dilemma you present is inherent to all topics found on the internet. All you or anyone can do is find a site that is well regulated, & to check your answers with other sources.


You can't be certain how valid an answer is on a site like this where everyone is encouraged to provide answers.

It never hurts to do a little research on your own once you get an answer and see if the facts match up.

It also helps if people would mention where they got their facts.

And (this should be obvious) if a reply starts with something like "I'm not sure, but..." or "I think..."

And thanks to many helpful, responsible and knowledgeable people, incorrect information is often noticed and commented on.


Please bear in mind, too, that some questions relate to very complex issues and no single answer will be right in an 'absolute' sense. Obviously, a question like 'What were the underlying causes of WW1?' isn't comparable to 'How many yards are there in a mile?' The question about WW1 is still a matter of scholarly research and debate, whereas the question about yards in a mile is quite different. (Having said that, some answers will certainly be inaccurate). With experience, you may be able to work out whether an answer is well informed - whether the person who wrote it seems to have done plenty of reading on the topic or not. You may be able to develop a the ability to recognize answers that are a repetition of what the answerer learned at high school, and may now remember inaccurately. Some answers may be based on guesswork, and you may be able to learn to recognize these.

In general, one should be cautious about accepting a simple answer to a question about things that are complicated.

If you need to be reasonably certain about the accuracy of an answer, you should do the necessary research in the ordinary way, and treat the answer(s) you get here as possibilities, not as definitive.


If an answer is wrong, we hope someone with the right answer will fix it. You can report errors to the category supervisors.

Although an answer may not satisfy your question, in many cases it may indicate terms or corrections that will help locate your information.

How do you find out whose buddy lists you are on for AOL Instant Messenger?

If you have AIM for Mac, which I do, you can go to the me section on the toolbar labeled with Buddies, Lifestream and ME. There should be text that says Buddy Lists That I'm on. Click on that, and it will list people, that are willing to share their buddy list, that have you on them. If this has to do with Windows, this may or may not be helpful.

First, you add them to your buddy list. Then, you wait for them to put a status message up. When their status message is posted, under your 'buddy list', you scroll over their name with your mouse and a little box will pop up giving their name and message. If they have you on their list, there will be a comment link highlighted for you to add a comment, much like facebook.

Also, you can go to your Lifestream and look there. There is a heart and a comment section under their status message. If you are ON their list, these will be highlighted and you will be able to like or comment them.

If you are NOT on their list, the like and comment will be greyed out and if you scroll over them, a little message will come up saying 'ask this person to add you to their friend list'

List of major mergers and acquisitions in India?

  1. Tata Steel's mega takeover of European steel major Corus for $12.2 billion. The biggest ever for an Indian company. This is the first big thing which marked the arrival of India Inc on the global stage. The next big thing everyone is talking about is Tata Nano.
  2. Vodafone's purchase of 52% stake in Hutch Essar for about $10 billion. Essar group still holds 32% in the Joint venture.
  3. Hindalco of Aditya Birla group's acquisition of Novellis for $6 billion.
  4. Ranbaxy's sale to Japan's Daiichi for $4.5 billion. Sing brothers sold the company to Daiichi and since then there is no real good news coming out of Ranbaxy.
  5. ONGC acquisition of Russia based Imperial Energyfor $2.8 billion. This marked the turn around of India's hunt for natural reserves to compete with China.
  6. NTT DoCoMo-Tata Tele services deal for $2.7 billion. The second biggest telecom deal after the Vodafone. Reliance MTN deal if went through would have been a good addition to the list.
  7. HDFC Bank acquisition of Centurion Bank of Punjab for $2.4 billion.
  8. Tata Motors acquisition of luxury car maker Jaguar Land Rover for $2.3 billion. This could probably the most ambitious deal after the Ranbaxy one. It certainly landed Tata Motors into lot of trouble.
  9. Wind Energy premier Suzlon Energy's acquistion of RePower for $1.7 billion.
  10. Reliance Industries taking over Reliance Petroleum Limited (RPL) for 8500 crores or $1.6 billion.

How to establish a wholesale account if you are a new business?

First, be a legal business. Get licensed in your state, have a Federal Tax Number (EIN), most legitimate wholesalers won't touch an unlicensed business. Those that will are usually middlemen and you're not paying true wholesale through them.

Second, act like a professional and write a letter of inquiry introducing your company, asking for an application to become a dealer or open an account. Check if they have a website, look for dealer or account requirements. See if they have a minimum order size (most will), terms, shipping and pickup. A personal visit is great if you are new - sell yourself to them and your vision and enthusiasm for your business.

If you have done your due diligence, started legally, and have a solid business plan some wholesalers will become allies and help you get going in earnest. Just don't expect them to extend credit immediately or sell to you on consignment, but most will open a COD account and assign you an account manager who can become a valuable business asset. Remember, they want you to succeed but it's your job to convince them they won't be wasting their time and money on a quick burnout.

How long is Yahoo Answers down for?

nvm, i figured it out. 6 hours. I think now there is about 40 minutes left.

Who found Yahoo and when?

Yahoo! was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994, in Santa Clara, CA., and was incorporated on March 1, 1995

Does Yahoo Inc offer domestic partner benefits?

Yes, Yahoo offers the same benefits to domestic partners (both same-sex and opposite sex) as it does to spouses.

Can you answer a resolved question on Yahoo Answers?

No,you cannot.You can only answer open questions on Yahoo Answers.

You actually can answer the resolved question as soon as a user hasn't picked "the best answer." I remember I asked a question about dating and got so many responses, and I chose the response in regards to dream marriage and then marked it as my "best answer," and the rest of the questions were still there but other people couldn't reply anymore.

Why does WikiAnswers have more questions than answers?

Everything on WikiAnswers is a work in progress. We're not a site that posts finished versions of questions & answers. == == Naturally, there will always be more questions than answers. More people ask questions than answer them, and many questions haven't been answered yet. Moreover, some questions are unanswerable. Since you can ask anything here, there is no guarantee that someone can answer you. And keep in mind that people who contribute answers are ordinary people who log in to see what kinds of interesting things people are asking. There is no assigned paid staff handling questions in any kind of systematic way. Volunteer Supervisors do their best to keep topics in order as they can spare the time to do it. Many questions don't have enough information to be answered. For example, "How old do you have to be to buy alcohol in a retail outlet?" needs to include a country and/or state (or province). The correct answers vary from one country and place to another.

What is the official telephone number for Yahoo customer support?

Yahoo does not have an official telephone number for customer support.

The size of the corporation means that it cannot spare the manpower to answer phone calls 24 hours a day internationally.

Can you post a FAQ from another source with copyrighted answers?


Under US copyright law you can only use one or two sentences of someone else's copyrighted material and then only for specific purposes such as review, critique, or educational (see "fair use").

Even if it is your own copyrighted material, we still ask that you do not post more than one or two sentences. Anything you do post becomes part of WikiAnswers and any WikiAnswers Contributor can add, edit, or remove parts of it. This is essential to our "wiki" system of collaboratively growing FAQs. WikiAnswers Contributors can improve each other's answers. This wouldn't be possible if the original answerer wanted to keep the copyright to their answer.

So, I'm sorry to say, you cannot post copyrighted material whether you own it or not. If you posted your copyrighted text you'd be giving up the copyright. If you posted someone else's copyrighted text, we would need to remove it so we don't violate that person's legal rights.

If you have a FAQ of your own or see a FAQ on someone else's Web site that is copyrighted, here's what you could do. Post the questions as new WikiAnswers questions. In the answers, quote one or two sentences from the other site. Or even better, summarize the answers in your own words. Then link to the other site in the right hand column of the page under "More Information" where it says "Related Links." This would benefit WikiAnswers visitors and the owners of the copyrighted material.