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One of the Ivy League Schools, Yale is a private research university located in New Haven, Connecticut. It was established in 1701, making it the third-oldest institution of higher learning in the United States.

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Yale University

Who was Yale University named after?

Yale University was originally called the Collegiate School when it was founded in 1701. It was renamed in honor of Elihu Yale in 1718. Yale had made a fortune with the East India Company and later the diamond trade, and he made some sizable donations to the school—books, a portrait of King George I, and some expensive textiles—and the school returned the favor by adopting his name, becoming Yale College. Yale was born in Massachusetts, but he left for England when he was three years old and never came back, so he never even visited the school that ended up bearing his name.

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What must your grade average be to get into Yale?



Most top schools use a "holistic" system, so there is no required GPA or SAT/ACT score. Obviously, the top students will usually have a 4.0 GPA, but it is possible to get in with a 3.5 or even a 3 if you have an impressive application.

Yale University

What is a Yale collegian?

a student or alumnus of Yale University. Some famous grads include both Presidents Bush. The songwriter Cole Porter, who composed the college"s Bulldog theme song, is snother household word example.

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What are the exact requirements to get into Yale University?

Re: There are no "exact" requirements, however act composites generally need to be in the low 30's and sat's in the 700's. Yale does look at all aspects of the admissions including highscool records, teacher recommendations, and personal essays. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually there are lots of requirements, whoever wrote that crap above: Sat scores 700-800 Act Composite: 30-34 Admission Requirements for transfers: - High School Transcript -College Transcript -Essay or Personal Statement -Standarized Test Scores -Statement of good standing from prior institutions - Not Required: Interview - Lowest grade earned for any course that may be transferred for credit (on a 4.0 scale): 2.0 -Maximum credits/courses from 2-year institution: 18 - Maximum credits/courses from 4-year institution: 18


And whoever wrote the above crap, there is nothing you can do that will guarantee acceptance to Yale. I know people who got into Harvard with 1700 SAT, failing all their AP tests, etc. The biggest thing you can do to help yourself is writing a wicked essay.

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Will universities still accept someone whose grades are shaky the 1st semester of their junior year but are all A's their 2nd semester?

You should be able to get into Upenn or Duke, but forget about Harvard and MIT they almost never let people in with shaky grades. Try several different schools that you would like to go to and that you think might accept you. I have heard of someone with a 2.8 average and got into Harvard because of his sport and community activities. Just try harder and try to bring it above a 3.0 and you should be fine.

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How should you answer a 'salary requirements' question on a job application?

I always put "will discuss". That way, you're not taking a lower salary than you should get and you're not too demanding in you answer either. You could say: competitive rate. Avoiding a specific figure is a good idea since it may be outside of the pay range that they are offering so it may cut you out of the running. "While only a market base salary is expected, it is anticpated that will grow based on my performance". I interview folks on a daily basis. Answer every question on the application and leave that one blank. The interviewer will bring up the question; how much money are you looking for? That will be the time to negotiate considering you meet the minimum qualifications and they are interested in you.

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What is Harvard's mascot?

The team name for Harvard University athletics is the Crimson. Unofficially, their mascot is John Harvard, an Englishman for whom the school is named after.

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How much does it cost to go to Yale university?

Yale tuition is about $39,000, and then you include room fees and other things it adds up to about $50,500 or something. But, the good thing is that their financial aid is really good.

Yale University

Does the school Yale offer a kickboxing class?

The Payne Whitney Gym at Yale University traditionally offers all sorts of fitness programs for students and their family members. Among the courses, there is kickboxing and other forms of martial arts, Pilates, yoga, as well as regular exercises. Ofter these classes. You have to pay for the lessons as part of a personal fitness program just like you would a regular gym.

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Do you need a letter of recommendation to get into Yale University?

A letter from a congressman would be effective in admissions.

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What is Yale enrollment numbers?

go to yale

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What rank in your class should you be to get into Princeton University in New Jersey?

You should be at or near the top of your class.

It's impossible to be more specific, because admissions is not an exact science. Admissions officers balance and weigh a number of different factors. Moreover, the significance of your class rank depends on where you went to high school. Being near the top of your class in a large school with a good reputation means more than being at the top in a small, unknown school.

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Why are Yale students called Eli?

The nicknames "Elis"[7][8][9] (after Elihu Yale) and "Yalies"[10] are often used, both within and outside Yale, to refer to Yale students.

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How do you respond to a company requiring salary requirements?

Asking about salary requirements is a minor information-gathering question some companies try to answer before making a final decision regarding a candidate, or to help them eliminate a candidate before beginning the interview; however, salaries are always negotiable regardless of what you might write or say in preliminary discussions, should you get offered the job. A possible written answer is that you would expect to be paid a competitive salary for the field commensurate with the years of experience, education, and qualifications you bring. A possible answer in a face-to-face discussion is that you require more information regarding where the position fits in the overall organizational scheme, including what the budgetary as well as the people responsibilities are. Finally, you could put down a figure, but be sure to check out the competitive salaries for the position so that your numbers are in-line with theirs. Clare Keating for 3C Communications Consulting Group

my old faithfol answer to this is prevailing wage.... which will get you to the interview and then ball rolls from there.

This is a very tricky question, as this is essentially an elimination question. Eg. if you aim too high, then you're out, and if you aim too low, then you're also out (interviewers get suspicious if you ask for a salary much lower than you deserve). Agreeably, the best answer is a bit more than their budget, the worst answer (if you get the job) is a few thousand dollars less than their budget.

Now the right answer is a combination of things, one: their budget (which is an unknown that can easily be known), and your experience. What you should do is research the internet for the average salary for your job taking into consideration the years of experience, and pad it with a few thousand dollars.

Now in case you're a fresh grad or an immigrant that just landed, then, and only then, an answer of "I'm sure you'll give me whatever is fair in the market". They'll probably give you a low salary, but that's your only option to get your foot on the stairs. Good luck!

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How many split national championships have there been and how many for USC?

If my information is correct, there have been 11 split national championships as awarded by the AP and UPI (now BCS) since 1954, although most probably only remember back to 1978. Starting that year, it was (AP Champ/UPI-BCS Champ):

1978 Alabama/USC 1990 Colorado/Georgia Tech 1991 Miami/Washington 1997 Michigan/Nebraska 2003 USC/LSU

The Washington Huskies and Miami Hurricans split a title in the 1991 season.

I have a sweatshirt that claims 10 National Championships. 2004 marks the 11th.

Nebraska and Michigan split a title in 1997 also.

Here is a list of all of the split national championships: 2003 LSU and USC 1997 Michigan and Nebraska 1991 Miami and Washington 1990 Colorado and Georgia Tech 1978 Alabama and USC 1974 Okalahoma and USC 1973 Alabama and Notre Dame 1970 Nebraska and Texas 1966 Notre Dame and Michigan State 1965 Alabama and Michigan State 1964 Arkansas and Alabama 1960 Mississippi and Minnesota 1957 Auburn and Ohio St. 1954 Ohio St. and UCLA 1953 Maryland and Notre Dame 1952 Georgia Tech and Michigan State 1951 Tennessee and Maryland 1950 Okahaloma and Tennessee 1947 Michigan and Notre Dame 1946 Army and Notre Dame 1942 Georgia and Ohio St. 1938 Texas Christian and Tennessee 1936 Pittsburgh and Minnesota 1935 Princeton, Southern Methodist, and Minnesota 1934 Alabama and Minnesota 1933 Princeton and Michigan 1930 Alabama and Notre Dame 1928 Georgia Tech and USC 1926 Alabama and Stanford 1925 Alabama and Dartmouth 1923 Michigan and Illinois 1922 California and Princeton 1921 Cornell and California 1920 Princeton and California 1919 Texas A&M, Harvard, and Illinois 1914 Illinois and Army 1910 Harvard and Pittsburgh 1908 Harvard and Pennsylvania 1906 Yale and Princeton 1905 Yale and Chicago 1901 Harvard and Michigan 1899 Princeton and Harvard 1896 Lafayette and Princeton 1886 Princeton and Yale 1884 Princeton and Yale 1881 Princeton and Yale 1880 Princeton and Yale 1877 Princeton and Yale 1875 Harvard and Princeton

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Where is Yale University?

Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut, United States.

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Did any famous people attend yale university?

Famous = Celebrity (Sports, Music, Movie & TV) here are a few: This is not a comprehensive list

Popular Music:

Pras Michel - The Fugees

Popular Sports:

Graig Breslow - Boston Red Sox

Ron Darling - NY Mets

Chris Dudley - NBA Center

Theo Epstein - Boston Red Sox GM

Chris Higgins - Montreal Canadiens

Dick Jauron - Buffalo Bills Head Coach

Eric Johnson - San Francisco 49ers & New Orleans Saints Tight End

Popular Movies:

Angela Bassett

Jennifer Beals - Flashdance

Bruce Cohen - American Beauty (Producer)

Jennifer Connelly - A Beautiful Mind

Jodie Foster - The Silence of the Lambs

David Alan Grier - Comedian

Paul Newman

Edward Norton - Fight Club

Vincent Price

Oliver Stone - JFK

Meryl Streep

John Turturro - Transformers, Rounders

Sigourney Weaver - Alien

Gene Siskel - Film Critic

Popular TV:

Claire Danes - My-So-Called-Life

Sam Waterston - Law & Order

Lewis Black - Comedian & The Daily Show

Dick Cavett - Dick Cavett Show

David Duchovny - Californication & X-Files

Michael Gross - Family Ties (Steven Keaton)

David Hyde Pierce - Frasier

Tony Shalhoub - Monk

Ben Stein - Win Ben Stein's Money

Henry Winkler - Happy Days

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How many championships did Deion Sanders win?

Sanders was a member of the San Francisco 49ers that won Super Bowl XXIX and the Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXX.

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About how much does it cost to go to Yale university?

For the 2007/08 Academic Year Tuition - $34,530 Room and Board - $10,470 Books, Personal Expenses, Travel - $3,300 Total Cost = Approximately $48,300 Yale does offer need-based financial aid.

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Yale or Harvard?

Okay, I might be completely biased because I go to Yale, but from what I hear it's sometimes very miserable at Harvard. Their newspaper even wrote in article conceding defeat in that area. The general population at Yale is in love with Yale, and Yalies, and college life. I don't regret the decision one bit. ANOTHER GOOD ANSWER They are both fantastic schools. I want to go to Yale for my bachelor's degree and the go to Harvard Medical School. But Harvard does have a defeating reputation and Yale can be just as reputable, but go by information on their websites, and what you want to major in and the specialty you want to be in. Harvard and Yale are both good on a lot of things so go by what you find out.

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What was the mascot at UGA before the bulldog and what was its name?

there is some dispute that the original Uga was a goat. but even the believers say that it was only for 1 year. ever after it has been the English Bulldog. (from the same family too I might add)

Yale University

What was Yale university's first mascot?

A cat.

Yale University

Does SCAD have an equestrian team?

Yes, SCAD does have an equestrian team. See

Yale University

What is yale's school mascot?

Furious Bulldog. His name is Handsome Dan.

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Where is Yale University located?

Yale Univesity consists of several campuses, 2 in the middle of New Haven, Connecticut, one in the north part of West Haven, Connecticut, and one in the south part of West Haven, Connecticut.

Yale University Campus North, which includes the Divinity School, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, School of Management, and School of Engineering & Applied Science is in the middle of New Haven Connecticut, north and west of the Grove Street Cemetary.

Yale University Campus South and Medical Center, which includes the Law School, Graduate School, School of Drama, School of Architecture, School of Art, School of Medicine, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, and School of Music, is located across Grove Street from Campus North.

Yale University West Campus, is located about 7 miles southwest of Campus North and Campus South, just off exit 41 of I-95.

The Athletic complex is about 3 miles west of Campus North and Campus South, in the north part of West Haven, Connecticut.


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