Ziggurats were huge buildings built in ancient Mesopotamia. The terraced structures were built for religious reasons and each housed a temple inside as well as a shrine on top. Ask about these ancient structures here.

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Is a ziggurat still used today?

Yes, ziggurats are still used today but they are not called the same thing. Since ziggurats are like temples/worships for God, what comes to my mind are churches. We go to church for special learning's of God's life, and for praying, and to talk to God. Hope this helped(:

What was most likely the reason that ziggurats were tall?

a)- to honor the gods

B)- so they could easily hold a lot of people

c)- so architects could display their work

D)- to mark the center of the city

To Honor the Gods seems to be proper answer.

How did sargon rise to power?

It is suggested that he was the cup-bearer to Urzababa, the King in Kish at the time. Before this time there were no empires so if you were a king you just ruled one city. Some suggest he fled to Susa in the east (edge of modern day Iran) where he was able to lead an army (where did he get it? we don't know) and start from the eastern city of Susa and work his way west, taking all the southern Mesopotamian cities and uniting them under one government. Another version is that he just took the throne from in Kish and went from there.

What is the importance to the term ziggurat?

the ziggurat was initially built in honor of some deity or the other.

What were ziggurats used for?

They were believed to be the ladder of the Gods, so they weren't really used for anything except a place for offerings. Also they thought it they would be closer to god.

Why were kings and priests in the highest class?

Yes because they keep the gods happy and keep the evil away

What did farmers in mesopotamia do to control water problems and ensure that they could grow plenty of food?

Over time, the farmers learned to build dams and channels to control the seasonal floods. They also built walls water ways, and ditches to bring water to their Field's. The farmers learned a certain way to water their crops, this way of watering crops is called irrigation. Irrigation allowed the farmers to grow plenty of food and support a large population.

the dams are actually called a levee

Who built the first Ziggurat at UR?

the Mesopotamian built the first ziggurats at ur

Why were ziggurats so tall?

Ziggurats were so tall because they believed Mesopotamians to link the heavens and earth.

Where did the first civilization start?

The first known civilization was Sumeria, it was approx 5000 BC, or perhaps in the Indus valley in what is now India.

Did slaves build ziggurats?

Probably not in the earliest of times but as these civilisations acquired empires the answer must be yes

What is the perimeter of a ziggurat if the length were 22 meters?

A ziggurat could be oval, rectangular, square, or any other shape. If happened to have a square base, its perimeter would be four times its length (4 x 22 meters = 88 it meters).

How do you compare the Ziggurat of Ur-Nammu and Great Pyramids of Giza?

The only way is to compare their complexity, size, how they were built and with what resources.