Zoology or Animal Biology

Zoology is the branch of biology that is concerned with the study of animals. The life, growth and classification of fauna in all living forms.

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Why are there dogs in some zoos’ cheetah exhibits?

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I too have seen those pictures, and they are adorable. Cheetahs that live in captivity tend to be really anxious, and some zoos pair them with happy-go-lucky dogs hoping they’ll teach the cheetahs to be more relaxed. They can even help them cope with hard times, like having to have surgery. True heroes, we have no choice but to stan.
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What are the differences between organelles of animal and plant cells?

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The plant cell contains : cell wall, chloroplast,Golgi aparatus, vacuole membrane and a few oher organells that the animal cell doesnt have. The plant cell is more complex as it has more organelles than the animal cell. /:p
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Latin name for rhino?

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Rhinoceros are in the family Rhinocerotidae.
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What is importance of statistics in zoology?

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In any study, statistics play a major role in understanding the significance of the matter being investigated. In any aspect there are vairables and hypotheses that you need to find out their significance by using statistics and this is very important in biological as well as in social science. In Zoology statistic help in analyzing the behavior of the animal, it's physiological change or adaptation as well as any other aspects regarding the environment or the ecology which has an impact (positive or negative) on the individu.
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What are examples of animals in phylum acoelomorpha?

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One of the types is plankton... you can check out this website for more details: You can type in "examples of acoelomorpha" on google.. HOPE THIS HELPS!
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What is the economic importance of euglena?

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Euglena is a micro organism, so it economic importance is contradicting because it is sometimes heterotrophy (like animals) and autrotrophy (like plant). It contain chlorophyll for food production to plants in water and it has some carotenoid pigments thats produces sugers by photosynthesis and in turn produces oxygen
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What is the relationship between genus and species?

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Genus and Species are the two least inclusive taxonomic groups that scientist classify living things in (species is the least inclusive. Genus and Species are both part of the scientific name of an organism. i.e. Micropterus salmoides (largemouth bass).
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What is bigger in a kingdom a family or a phylum?

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phylum. Kingdom > phylum > class > order> family > genus > species
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How many aye ayes are left?

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There are about 1000-2000 left in the wild. This is mainly due to the Malagasy tribe killing aye-ayes because they believe aye-ayes are daemons. The destruction of the aye-aye's natural habitat in Madagascar also contributed to this small population number of aye-ayes.
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What are organisms called that cannot make their own food?

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Organisms that cannot make their own food are called consumers.
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Describe the mechanism for feeding in amoeboid?

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They feed by pseudopods in a process called phaegocytosis.
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Can pigs eat chicken bones?

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yes and they can eat a real chicken
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What types of human activities can affect the biosphere?

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Among the human activities that have transformed the biosphere are hunting and gathering, agriculture, industry, and urban development. Deforestation, pollution - green house gases, growth of cities, depletion of natural resources, hunting of animals to extinction
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Is the earth is living or non living?

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The Earth itself is a planet and it does not live because it does not display the characteristics of life.
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What are the economic importance of kingdom monera?

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The economic importance of the Kingdom Monera is it used for soil fertility. The Kingdom Monera is bacteria. It is also used in foods such as vinegar, soy sauce, and cheese.
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How do biologist classify organisms?

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First of all, biologists do not classify organisms. Taxonomists classify organisms. But the classification itself nowadays has to do with the similarities in the DNA of the different species
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Which organism is harmed in parasitism?

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In successful parasitism, neither the parasite nor the host is harmed.