Zucchini is a very popular and versatile summer squash. It can be fried, boiled, baked, grilled, and broiled, and its many uses include breads, cakes, and casseroles.

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Can zucchini be substituted for eggplant in an eggplant parmesan recipe?

I wouldn't , the water content in zucchini is pretty high and its not as firm as eggplant so it may go a bit mushy.

There is a recipe for it though , here;

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Give it a try.

Can Horses eat zucchini?

Yes, if you don't overdue it and cut the zucchini in small enough pieces so he won't choke. I would not feed him more than one zucchini at one time.

How many calories in a pound of zucchini?

In uncooked zucchini (also known as courgette) including the skin, there are:

  • approx 72 calories as an average in one pound of zucchini.

This works out at 4 to 5 calories per ounce.

Are zucchini and winter squash the same thing?

No, zucchini is summer squash. Winter squash are usually firmer fleshed like hubbard squash, acorn squash, or pumpkin.

Can you use shortening instead of vegetable oil in zucchini bread?

Yes, melted shortening can replace vegetable oil in zucchini bread, although shortening is not a healthy choice.

Give you a sentence using zucchini?

I ate a Zucchini and it taste delicious. YUM!, YUM!, YUM!...

Where do you find Zucchini flowers?

== == Zucchini flowers come from the plant. They are also know as squash blossoms and are used in cooking.

What country does zucchini grow in?

Zucchini can grow in a wide variety of countries. It is not very particular with regard to climate, elevation, geography, soil type, or latitude, though it seems to prefer warm temperate regions.

Is zucchini bread a pioneer dish?

The exact history of zucchini bread is not known but most quick breads were not developed until the 18th century after the discovery of the first leavening reagent 'pearlash'. And zucchini as we know it didn't exist until the 19th century where it was the result of a mutation of a squash plant (which did originate in the Americas) that occurred in Italy.

Can zucchini be eaten raw?

Definitely. It is frequently used in salads and often turns up alongside raw carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and mushroom slices on party platters with a bowl of dip.

Can hamsters eat fresh zucchini?

It is very good for them but it all depend on your hamster likes and dislikes.

How do you cook zucchini?

There are a lot of ways cooking zucchini. They can be baked or fried, grated and put in quiches and pies, or stir-fries. For some ideas on how to cook zucchini, see the related links below.

What is the largest zucchini?

If you mean what is the world record, then the longest was 69 and a half inches in length. The record weight is 65 pounds.

Most varieties will grow to an amazing size if left, although they are mostly only good for stuffing at that stage.

Does zucchini have vitamin k?

One cup of chopped zucchini, which is about one medium zucchini, has around 5 mcg to 8 mcg of vitamin K. That includes the skin.

When is the best time to plant zucchini?

Plant zucchini in spring , when the danger of frost is over. You can also make successive sowings into summer if you have a growing season that is long.

Can chickens eat zucchini?

maybe maybe not Chickens will eat almost anything! My chickens love to eat the seeds out of the huge zucchini raw, if they are split open.

Can zucchini be cut ahead of time?

It can be, but it does go brown quickly. To prevent this, either keep it in water in the fridge, or squeeze lemon juice over it.