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Put it in your trunk. My gun at the moment looks completely real. There is absolutely no evidence hat the gun is an airsoft gun. however, you can make it look like an airsoft gun by putting an orange tip on the muzzle. If you simply buy a $15 rifle case and make sure that you keep your rifle in that when transporting you should have no trouble.

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9y ago
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It really doesn't matter. Now that there are finishes such as duracoat available, any gun of any colour could be either real or fake, so the police are going to treat it like a real firearm until they verify otherwise for themselves.

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12y ago

Some airsoft guns are clear and that can be your best bet.

but if you already have one spray painting it bright colors and keeping the orange tip will be your best bet

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Q: How do you make a airsoft gun look fake so police don't pull you over?
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