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Q: What is the theme song for NBA Live 97 on the PSX?
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When was PSX - DVR - created?

PSX - DVR - was created on 2003-12-13.

Do you need a cracked psp to play psx games?

a psx is a PlayStation 1

What is opening theme song for star ocean?

For Star Ocean: First Departure (PSP), the opening theme song was "Heart" by Asunaro.For Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP), the opening theme song was "Start" by Scandal. The anime, Star Ocean EX, featured Amika Hattan's "To The Light." In the original PSX version of the game (Star Ocean: The Second Story), the opening themes were "Silent the Universe" (prior to the load screen) and "At the Crack of Dawn" (on the load screen), both instrumental pieces by composer Motoi Sakuraba.For Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (PS2), the opening song was "The Dawn of Wisdom," also by Sakuraba.In Star Ocean: The Last Hope (PS3, XBOX 360), the theme is "Ruin and Creation," another instrumental theme by composer Sakuraba.Finally, the general theme for the series is composer Sakuraba's "Star Ocean Forever."

What is the difference between a psx for the psp and ps1?

Nothing Really There The Same. But The Psx Can Be Wireless If You Buy The Screen For It

Where can a PSX emulator be obtained?

A PSX emulator may be obtained from ePSXe. They have high quality products that seamlessly emulate the PSX on both Windows and Linux platforms. You may also get ROMs from this site.

Can you play PSX games on a Sony PlayStation?

psx = ps1 they just look a little different so yes

What is the market cap for Phillips 66 PSX?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Phillips 66 (PSX) is $46,455,940,344.20.

What is a PSX ISO?

A PSX ISO would probably refer to an ISO image made from a PlayStation 1 CD.

Where can you buy psx?

in Walgreen's

Can you use psx gameshark codes on psx xploder v4?

equalizer, action replay and gameshark codes all work

Is psx real?

Yes, I have it myself.

How can you run PSX programs on your PC?

First get the PSX program. Then you either use your playstation CD or a downloaded version off the web, and run the program.