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When Google returns a list of websites the list is sorted by which sites best match your criteria. What you enter into the search box determines what comes back on the list. At the top of the list you will find items that are most closely related to your search words.

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Q: When google returns a list of websites how is the list sorted?
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Enter"Websites that list scholarships for minorities" in google search

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Many websites provide a list of the location of military bases. MilitaryBases has a large directory of military base locations which can be sorted by branch.

What websites have car taxi the game?

Go to Google or M.S.N search and you will get a list of websites and enjoy .

What is Google results?

When you type something in on Google, it will usually come up with a list of websites or images.

Insert in a sorted list?

Means to put a new item in the proper place in a sorted list.

How do you do internet shopping?

Go to Google, type in shop online, and there will be a list of websites for you to click on.

How you can get a list of all websites of electronics?

Type the word "electronics" into a Google search engine.

If a list of words is sorted alphabetically in word then it is in blank order?

It will be sorted in ascending order.

What advantages of a sorted list over a linked list?

All lists are linked lists; there is no such thing as a separate "sorted list". There are algorithms that can sort a list, of course, but they all work on linked lists.

What is a search engine and what are the different search engines available?

Search engines are the programs that search websites for specified keywords and returns a list of websites where the keywords were found.Here are some common search engines available:GoogleBingYahooBaiduYandex

Why does Google search direct to another site?

If your in the Google website and you type something in, it should lead you to another Google web page with a list of websites for you to choose. If it leads to a website directly then you were not at Google, it was a fake website meant to trick you into something. Google is built to show you listings of other websites.

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An ordered list of data in any programming language is simply a sorted array or list. In C++ this can either mean a sorted array, vector, list or forward list.