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What is an example sentence using the word acrid?

The acrid odor of burnt gun powder filled the air after the pistol had been fired. Abigail's eyes were watering from the acrid smoke pouring out of the toaster; "Glen!" sh ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for acrid?

Acrid could mean a bitter or sour taste or personality. a sentence for this word could be: Mistreatment from other students has caused the child to have an acrid attitude towa ( Full Answer )
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What does the word acrid mean?

sharp or biting to the taste or smell bitterly pungent irritating to the eyes, nose, etc.: acrid smoke from burning rubber..
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Make a sentence with the word acrid?

The dark, acrid smoke from the burning car made my tongue taste bitter and my eyes water.
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Is the word acrid a noun pronoun or verb?

The word 'acrid' is an adjective. It means something pungent, bitter, irritating to the senses or caustic. Vinegar would be acrid to smell or taste. Likewise strong alcohol or ( Full Answer )
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What is the antonym and synonym of acrid?

synonym: biting, burning, caustic, harsh, irritating, pungent, sharp, stinging antonym: sweet, fresh (as in fresh air)
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How do you reduce Acridity In Pork Gravy?

To prevent my gravies from getting an acrid or burnt taste I make sure I get only clear grease from the separator to make the roux. My roux is 2 tbs fat to 1 tbs flour, cooked ( Full Answer )
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What is an acrid pall?

An acrid pall is an unpleasant cloud of smoke or smog that is irritating to breathe or smell. Tear gas qualifies.
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What actors and actresses appeared in An Acrid Yarn - 2010?

The cast of An Acrid Yarn - 2010 includes: John Blackstone as Jacob Bettina Brown as Maggie Ike Duncan as Deece Lezlie Duncan as Jodi Emily Gelkis as Katie Emily Gelski as Kat ( Full Answer )