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What is the origin of The game is afoot?

Expression is a classic from Sherlock Holmes. The expression was a "classic" some 287/288 years before the literary character Sherlock Holmes ever uttered the phrase. The ( Full Answer )
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What does AFOOT mean?

It originally meant "on the loose" or "taking flight" - literally(traveling) "on foot." There is another connotation meaning "under way" (proceeding), asin "the plans are afoo ( Full Answer )
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How to Use afoot in a sentence?

Plans afoot for Egypt poultry project . Effort afoot to allow guns on campuses .
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How would you use afoot in a sentence?

The Townes Van Zandt song "Frisco Depot" uses the word "afoot". Here is his lyric... " When you're afoot, there's nothing as fast as a train."
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How can you put afoot in a sentence?

if you have a foot then put it on a piece of papper where the sentence is
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How is 3 inches in hundredths of afoot?

Three inches is a quarter of a foot. Twenty five is a quarter of one hundred so the answer is twenty five hundredths of a foot.
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What does afoot means?

The mostly archaic adjective "afoot" means moving about, active, or in progress. More specifically it means "on foot" (walking).