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Why did they barter?

They bartered because they didn't have all that they needed to live so the bartered (traded) with other cities.
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How do you barter?

A barter can be anything 2 people agree upon. But the 2 people must have a meeting of the minds and must agree, or there is no barter but a theft. Examples of bartering: . (MORE)
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Disadvantage of bartering?

Finding what you want. Finding someone who wants what you have. Finding someone who has what you want and also wants what you have. Trying to come up with a fair deal an (MORE)
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Is bartering a noun?

Yes, the word 'bartering' is the present participle of the verb 'to barter'. The present participle of the verb is a gerund (a verbal noun); for example: Very few people ar (MORE)
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What things do you barter?

"I'll give you 70 chickens and a 40 lb bag of potatoes for that there horse and that plow."
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Where did Barter come from?

Today the way that a barter goes and agreement made to exchange something of value for something of equal value so no money will be exchange to get the product or service to p (MORE)
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Is barter a noun?

Barter can be a noun, for the process of bartering. The verb bartermeans to exchange good and services rather than paying in currency.
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What is the problem with bartering?

When people get drunk and start giving you abuse, that's the worst part, im from Ireland and work in a bar!
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What is barter trade?

Barter trade is a form of exchange, but without the use of currency. (Example: You could trade someone a pencil for a sheet of paper)
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What did the Greeks barter?

Before the current monetary system evolved, a common trade system was bartering. Everything from goods(such as cloth, pottery, etc) to services(work done by carpenters, maids, (MORE)