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Is Bodhidharma the creator of martial arts?

Bodidharma was an Indian monk who travelled to China. He taught Buddhism and martial arts to the shaolin monks from techniques he brought back from India. That was when martia (MORE)
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What does Bodhidharma mean?

The name itself breaks down into Bodhi (enlightenment) and Dharma (path), perhaps the name is more a description of the man or his message than an actual name.
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When was Bodhidharma born?

Bodhidharma is traditionally credited as the transmitter of Ch'an (Zen) from India to China. In this tradition, there are three principal sources for Bodhidharma's biography: (MORE)
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Why did Bodhidharma die and how?

There are no historical records on his life from India. The only info that we know about him comes from Chinese records. One document from the 6th century states that he died (MORE)
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Is Bodhidharma the creator of Kung Fu?

No, Bodhidharma did not create kung fu--i.e., Chinese martial arts. Anyone who tells you that he did is relying on legend. The most common variation of the legend is that the (MORE)
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Where was Bodhidharma Born?

There are no contemporary Indian records about his life. The only records that do mention him come from China. They are very contradictory in nature as they say he was from Pe (MORE)
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Who killed Bodhidharma?

There is no indication that he was killed. I believe your question might have been influenced by the film 7am Arivu . It is simply a fictionalization of the monk's life. Chin (MORE)
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Is Bodhidharma really a tamilan?

Yes..He is a Tamilan.He is a 3rd son of Pallava King(During Pallava Dynasty).He have went to China upon the request of His teacher..He reach China after 3 years journey by lan (MORE)
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How do you activate bodhidharma?

First you ll need Nacl solution which has been dissolved in water and you have to find someone with the same DNA process as Bodhidharma and don't forget to add some crystal ic (MORE)
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What is bodhidharma DNA?

That is impossible to say. There are no contemporary Indian recordson his life. All we know about him comes from those of China. Therecords conflict with one another--they sta (MORE)