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What is the definition of confound?

the word comes from middle English and the definations is: to be mixed up , counfused.
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What is the noun form of confound?

The noun form form the verb to confound is confounder, someone or something that confounds. Another noun form is confoundedness.
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What are Confounding Variables?

In any experiment there are many kinds of variables that will effect the experiment. The independent variable is the manipulation for the experiment and the dependent variable ( Full Answer )
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Where is that confounded bridge?

This is a line spoken by Robert Plant at the end of The Crunge by Led Zepplin
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What are confounded variables?

an extraneous variable that changes along with the independentvariable and has the potential to influence the dependent variable
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How do you use the word confounding in a sentence?

Confounding means perplexing and amazing. Two similar words to confounding are dumbfounding and astounding. "The man walking down the street wearing a giant chicken-suit was a ( Full Answer )
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How can you eliminate confounding variables in your experiment?

To eliminate confounding variables, or variables that were notcontrolled and damaged the validity of the experiment by affectingthe dependent and independent variable, the exp ( Full Answer )
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What is confound interest?

Until relatively recently, all money lenders were in the businessof confounding their customers as to the true cost of borrowingmoney from them. This was because many people w ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by confounding in math?

In statistics a confounding variable is one which can give rise to spurious correlations. For example, my age is fairly well correlated with the number of television sets in t ( Full Answer )