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What are Dynasties?

Dynasties are periods of time that a family has been ruling in China. If say the last family to rule had the last name Chen, and that family ruled for 150 years, those 150 yea ( Full Answer )
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What dynasty replaced the Umayyad dynasty?

It depends on which Umayyad Caliphate you are talking about. The Umayyad Caliphate in Damascus from 660 C.E. to 750 C.E. wasoverthrown by a coup d'état led by the Abbassid ( Full Answer )
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What dynasty ruled after the Han dynasty?

Q: During the Han dynasty, ______? The answer is trade and travelbetween China and Europe expanded rapidly.
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Which dynasty defeated the Chou dynasty?

Dang, you must not know anything about China. Anyway, The answer to your question is The Shang Dynasty. The Shang Dynasty defeated the Chou Dynasty.
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What dynasty came after The Qing Dynasty?

The Qing dynasty ended in 1911 and was the last of Chinese dynasties. After the qing ended, there was a mutiny then, China became a republic (or whatever it is today)
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Which dynasty reunified the han dynasty?

if you mean the next reunification of china, then is Jin there is no dynasty that reunified the han dynasty. the han dynasty first died, and then 30-40 years later, Jin reuni ( Full Answer )
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Which dynasty followed the yuan dynasty?

The dynasty after Yuan dynasty is Ming Dynasty. Hope that's help . answer 2 Yuan 1279 - 1368; Ming 1368 - 1644; Qing 1644 - 1911; Republic of China 1911 - 1949; Peoples ( Full Answer )
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Which dynasty ruled after the Stuart dynasty?

I assume you are referring to England (rather than Scotland). I believe that the dynasty to follow the Stuarts technically was the House of Hanover. The last male Stuart monar ( Full Answer )
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What dynasty followed the Mongol Dynasty?

Mongol Dynasty in China is called Yuan Dynasty. Yuan Dynasty ( 1271 ~ 1368) is founded by Kublai Khan. It is considered both as a division of the Mongol Empire and as an impe ( Full Answer )