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What is a gadfly?

Literally, a gadfly is a fly that bites livestock, esp. a horsefly, warble fly, or botfly. Figuratively it is an annoying person, esp. one who provokes others into action by ( Full Answer )
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Why is Socrates referred to as a gadfly in the apology?

\nSocrates kept asking questions. And asking, and asking, and asking. When those questions were answered, there were others. Eventually, these led to more questions that the ( Full Answer )
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Why was Socrates considered a 'gadfly'?

Plato described Socrates as the "gadfly" of the state because just like the gadfly stung horses into action, Socrates had "stung" various Athenians into unrest. In the end, he ( Full Answer )
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Who is the writer of 'Gadfly' novel?

Eithel Lilian Voynich, a soft-spoken lady was the author of the fiery novel Gadfly which shook human minds wherever it was read and made many a people revolutionaries. Perhaps ( Full Answer )
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Where would a gadfly typically live?

A gadfly is a fly which typically annoys horses and other livestock. Thus a gadfly will usually be found around these animals. The term 'gadfly' is also used to refer to someo ( Full Answer )