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What is Gnosticism?

Gnosticism is religious existentialism and the gnostic is in search of the answer to the mystery of existence his quest is for a fragment of the divine its a quest for redeemi ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of gnosticism?

The origin of Gnosticism is generally believed to come from 3 main sources: Much of its philosophical tendencies came from Platonism, speculations on the origin of evil may ha ( Full Answer )
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Where was Gnosticism founded?

Gnosticism began as early as 200 BCE, despite that much record ofits existence became shrouded due to the onset of the Dark Agesbrought about by the actions of the Catholic Ch ( Full Answer )
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What were Gnostic beliefs?

Answer The term 'Gnostic' comes from the Greek word "to know". The ancient Gnostics, nearly all of whom were Christians, sought knowledge about God and Jesus, through personal ( Full Answer )
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What is the gnostic Christ?

Gnostic churches are characterized by the belief that a special knowledge ("gnosis") is needed to fully enter into salvation. Jesus then possessed this special knowledge and g ( Full Answer )
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Where did Gnosticism start?

By that name, probably in Egypt, although many of the ideas were current around the Mediterranean, probably for centuries before. Hints of it are in the New Testament ' Ye sh ( Full Answer )
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What is being gnostic?

Gnostic's were early Christians who believed in knowledge over god. Gnostic's were Christian's who were considered heretics to the council of the banning of the books of the b ( Full Answer )
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What is an agnostic and a gnostic?

Agnosticism should not be confused with Gnosticism. The two words both come from the Greek word 'know', but for different reasons. The word agnosticism contains the prefix 'a ( Full Answer )
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What is a gnostic?

Gnosticism was a major, early branch of Christianity, in which the believers, or Gnostics, sought to 'know' the truth about God, not just to have blind faith. Gnostics were ge ( Full Answer )
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When did Gnosticism originate?

The origins of Gnosticism are lost in history - but elements wereknown parts were under discussion by Greek philosopherscontemporary with the beginning of the Christian era so ( Full Answer )