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Why are handkerchiefs not square?

Depends on which one you get. Any one I can get are totally square. Ask manufacturer for the exact reason.
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What are handkerchief dolls?

Handkerchief dolls are dolls that are made by knotting squares of fabric the size and shape of handkerchief squares. For a sample of how to make one, see this link: http://w ( Full Answer )
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When was the handkerchief invented?

The handkerchief is believed to have been invented by King RichardII of England in the 1300s. They were invented to be used as theyare today, to wipe your forehead or your nos ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural of handkerchief?

The plural is handkerchiefs. All you have to do to make "handkerchief" plural is add an "s".
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What is the secret of the handkerchief?

the handkerchief had some stuff too make dogs smell go crazy whenthey sniff the handkerchief
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How do you spell handkerchiefs?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "handkerchiefs." The previous form handkerchieves may also be seen.
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What is the defionition for handkerchief?

"A sqaure of cotton or other finely woven material, typically carried in one's pocket and intended for blowing or wiping one's nose."
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What is a handkerchief?

is a form of a kerchief , typically a hemmedsquare of thin fabric that can be carried inthe pocket or purse ,and which is intended for personal hygiene purposes such as ( Full Answer )