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What is instantaneous speed?

Instantaneous speed is the velocity of an object at a certain time. For example:- Suppose you are driving in a car and the speedometer constantly varies; this is because the s ( Full Answer )
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What is instantaneous voltage?

Answer . Instantaneous voltage is the voltage between two points at a particular moment in time, the voltage at a specific instant in time. Consider a 115 volt 60 cycle-per ( Full Answer )
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What is Instantaneous Power?

The instantaneous electric power in an AC (or DC) circuit is given by P=VI where V and I are the instantaneous voltage and current.
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What does instantaneous mean?

Here is a relative -as always- Example: There is a Distance 2.0000000 inches or 2.0000000 * 2.54 {centimeters per inch} or 5.020000 cm away from a wall. Fire a rifle bullet ( Full Answer )
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What is the Instantaneous velocity?

Instantaneous velocity is the velocity in difference displacement in shortest time or specific time interval.
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What is instantaneous acceleration?

a=dv/dt=d/dt(dx/dt)=d^2x/dt^2 Is the rate of a tangent to the slope of a graph signifying velocity versus time. It is a snapshot of acceleration at a precise moment in time ba ( Full Answer )
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What is instantaneous time?

Instanteneous travel time is calculated by combining the speedmeasurements in different locations at the departure time of atrip.
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What is instantaneous slope?

The instantaneous slope of a curve is the slope of that curve at a single point. In calculus, this is called the derivative. It also might be called the line tangent to the cu ( Full Answer )
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What is instantaneous stress?

When the stress remains constant even when the time is increased isknown as instantaneous stress.
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What does instantaneous?

Happening In an instant. Ex: the sound of thunder after a lightening strike is not always instantaneous depending on how far away it is.