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Can a camel kneel?

Answer . Yes. When they sit down, they go down on their front 'knees' first so they are kneeling - which is a real experience if you are riding on their back! Then they sit ( Full Answer )
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In canoeing what is the upright kneeling position?

Upright Kneeling position explained . In comparison to the Cruising and relief position it is kneeling, however to contrast it with the upright, you are sitting on the cano ( Full Answer )
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What is a kneeling bus?

the bus can lower itself, by letting air out of its suspension system, to allow deployment of a wheel chair ramp. The driver press's a button and it releases the air out of t ( Full Answer )
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How do you kneel properly?

Go down on one (usually your right) knee, as if you were performed a genuflection, then move your knee under you, then fold your hands in the "prayer" position (hands straight ( Full Answer )
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Why do you kneel at mass?

To show respect for the body and blood of Christ that we belive becomes present in the bread and the wine on the altar.
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Why do you kneel at church?

Catholics kneel during the Eucharistic prayer at Mass to honor and worship God present in the Blessed Sacrament.
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What do you kneel on in church?

Usually theres metal bars or planks of would to kneel on when you pray. Roman Catholic Answer The New Order of the Mass prescribes that the faithful kneel at least during ( Full Answer )
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Why kneel during prayer?

Praying on one's knees, is a way to acknowledge God as the all powerful and merciful Creator that He is: and humble oneself and to show Him that we recognize our limits and ou ( Full Answer )
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Why is hatshepsut kneeling?

That was only in the statue. Her time or reign was 1508-1458 BC.She was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt.
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Why is isis kneeling?

Ancient Egyptian art is a complex mixture of artistic convention, religion and symbolism. Often the precise symbolism of certain elements is unknown today, but it was very cle ( Full Answer )