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What does notwithstanding mean?

The dictionary term is... . In spite of; without being opposed or prevented by: Notwithstanding a brilliant defense, he was found guilty. She went to the game anyway, doctor ( Full Answer )
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Notwithstanding in a sentence as a connective?

Notwithstanding is a word that means "regardless of," and can beused in a sentence as a conjunction. An example of this would be,"First of all, there was no way he could leave ( Full Answer )
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What does notwithstanding the foregoing mean?

"Notwithstanding" means not withstanding, or "even if"; "foregoing" means "what was mentioned before.". "Notwithstanding the foregoing rules about not having pets allowed, th ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word notwithstanding in a sentence?

The building stood for over a hundred years notwithstanding the poor quality of the stone. Notwithstanding his position as a senator, the politician had little to recommend h ( Full Answer )
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What dose notwithstanding mean?

it usually means, 'except for this exception'. It's true, notwithstanding this time when it's false.
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A motion requesting a judgment notwithstanding the verdict is?

A judgment NOV is normally awarded after trial if the judge deems that the jury's decision was incorrect as a matter of law. A judge's job is to be sure that the decision is l ( Full Answer )
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What does 'notwithstanding the foregoing'?

It means that however contrary or mitigating what was mentioned before might be, it is not enough to alter an outcome or change a subject. For example: All evidence to the con ( Full Answer )
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What is the notwithstanding clause?

The notwithstanding clause allows the Canadian federal governmentor a provincial legislature to enact legislation to overrideseveral sections of the charter that deal with fun ( Full Answer )