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How do you do origami?

Origami is very simple; all you need is a sheet of paper and your hands. There is origami paper specially designed for this craft. The paper comes already square and is thin e ( Full Answer )
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What is origami?

Origami is the art of paper folding. (The most strict definition precludes cutting the paper.). Origami . Although the Chinese had paper constructs long before the Japanes ( Full Answer )
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Information of origami?

Answer . chinese art of paper folding. Really cool stuff can be made with paper.--Tons of info online ---googlE it
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What is an origami?

Origami is not a person or animal, it is defined as the ancient art of paper folding. Taking a piece of paper and making it into something.
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How was origami created?

orgami is creted by organic matter which is the cow dunk, fruits and vege peals etc.............. if u do not know the ask stop refering the net use your brains............... ( Full Answer )
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Where was origami created?

Origami is an art of paper folding. Origami was made by Japanese people in Japan. They raced at the art. It is also a tradition in japan. Almost every Japanese kid know ( Full Answer )
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Where is origami done?

origami is done in lots of places,but the most famous places are Korea, China, and Japan.
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What origami is used for?

Math teachers have found that they can use origami to develop math lessons in geometry , fractions , and problem solving . Language Arts teachers have found that they c ( Full Answer )
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How did origami work?

origami is just the folding of paper to make it in to a specific form or shape
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What do you use to do Origami?

You use only paper and your hands to fold it. You can use multiple pieces of paper, but it's not required. The paper used is mostly square, rectangular or triangular.