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Get a c prompt?

A C prompt is when you go to the Start Menu and go to Run or thesearch bar and enter Command. From there, a black screen will popup with the drive letter and the current folde ( Full Answer )
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Where is the command prompt?

In Windows XP or 98. Do the Following: . Hit the Start Menu button . Click on the " Run " option . Type " CMD ", hit enter. . In Widows Vista, do the following: . Hi ( Full Answer )
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What does prompt mean?

Prompt can be defined as to bring about a feeling or an action. Italso means to do something without delay, or on time.
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What are prompt questions?

prompt·er , prompt·est . . Being on time; punctual. . Carried out or performed without delay: a prompt reply. tr.v. , prompt·ed , prompt·ing , prompts . ( Full Answer )
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You forgot hotmail password and trying to reset but secret question prompt does not appear?

You can choose to use a secoundary email(if given) or secret questions. It should appear, if not theres a problem with your browser or a temporary bug at Microsoft. If you s ( Full Answer )
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How do you answer the Job Interview and Application question What prompted you to select Dollar Tree as a potential employer?

Here are sample answers that I just thought of. If you want to use any of them (as long as they're true to you) feel free. 1) "negotiable" - it's a safe bet especially if y ( Full Answer )
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In a command prompt what is the propose of a question mark in the file name?

It's a wildcard which means any single character. For instance: > dir ???.txt This will list all 3-letter file names that have a .txt extensionin the current folder. An ast ( Full Answer )