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The rarity of silicon?

Silicon is not rare, a large part of the earth is made up of silicon IT is also "grown" for the electronics industry to manufacture what we call "chips"...intergrated circuits ( Full Answer )
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What does rarity mean?

Rarity is when something is very rare and can only happen when you least expect it...rare-ity. It also happens to be the name of one of the pony characters in "My little pony: ( Full Answer )
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What is the rarity of an emerald?

Emeralds are known to be one of the rarest gemstones. They are also known to sometimes be more valuable than diamonds! . Here's more info: ( Full Answer )
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What is the rarity of sapphires?

Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds are all species of Corundum or Carborundum, hardness 9 on the Mohs scale ( Diamond is l0 ) For industrial abrasive purposes the trade name Carb ( Full Answer )
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What is rarity definition and example?

A rarity is something that is rare, unusual, or uncommon. An example of a rarity is a penny that has heads on both sides or snowstorms in the south.
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A sentence out of the word rarity?

An example is... My grade of 100 was such a rarity that I asked to take the test home to show my parents. (Rarity means rare)
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How do you use the word rarity in a sentence?

Here is an example sentence for "rarity": The rarity of Tibetan Mastiffs results in a high price tag for this breed of dog.
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What is a good sentence with the word rarities in it?

desert was one of the rarities in our family. ( because we are hobos, and we are who we are so we are proud to be hobolicious ) oh la la. :)
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What is the Rarity of 4 leaf clover?

a little because I'm a kid and i have 6 to 10 four leaf clovers and i also have a 5 and a 6 leaf clover
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How old is rarity?

You mean Rarity from My Little Pony? The only pony it is possible to put an age to is Cheerilee, since the show indicates that she was teenager in the mid eighties. Another ( Full Answer )