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How do you get to buried relic?

after you passed the game go talk to lombre after shiftry and after go see wishcash . he will give you the item dive.Hey what up i'm SuperBeast224 he's wrong,but do what he sa ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to the buried relic?

I think, after you have beaten stormy sea, do some rescue missions (about 2-3) and the next morning, peliper will deliver you post, make sure you have letter box room. Then go ( Full Answer )
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What is a relic?

A relic, in the Catholic sense, is a body or body part of a saint or an item used by the person during life, such as an article of clothing, book, rosary, etc. A third class r ( Full Answer )
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What to do after the buried relic?

The question needs to be more specific. What part of the game is this and which Mystery Dungeon is it?
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What are medieval relics?

Medieval relics are often religious relics. Medieval relics couldbe an item that was thought to be an authentic physical remains ofa religious figure, including saints, or an ( Full Answer )
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What is a relic boundary?

A relic boundary is basically a boundary that doesn't exist anymore but still has an effect on the present-day area, ex. Berlin Wall
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What is relic specialist?

Someone who is particularly knowledgeable in ancient relics, i.e. an object or a personal item of religious significance.
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What does a relic do?

A relic is an item which is important to religious people because it belonged to a religious figure. i.e. Jesus' hair...
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What do you do in the relic castle?

In Relic Castle you can obtain these fossils, the Plume fossil and the Cover fossil. The Plume fossil has Archen(Rock Flying), and the Cover fossil has Tirtouga(Rock Water). A ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell relicing?

The spelling relicing (relic-ing) is a slang term for creating or restoring a vintage (relic) look on an item, and is especially used for guitars and similar musical instrum ( Full Answer )