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Where can you get Ravenclaw robes?

Madame Malikens. Here's how to get to it. 1. Do a search for ravenclaw robes. Then go to the 2nd page of the search list. 2. Madame Malikens is the second from the bottom webs ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the robe?

i know that the Indians have the first recording of the robe! thank you squanto!
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What rhymes with robes?

A word that rhymes with 'robes' is 'globes' Okay And What Else ! There's also : earlobe probe .... andd look upp other wordss at Google (:
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What is a coronation robe?

A Coronation robe is a robe a Queen or King wears when being crowned. For example, Queen Elizabeth, when being crowned in 1953, wore a Coronation robe containing the floral em ( Full Answer )
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What are the robes that Muslims wear on the Hajj?

For men, there are two pieces of cloth, Izar, which is for the lower part of the body, and Ridaa, for the upper part> they are banned to wear sewed clothing, to feel humble ( Full Answer )
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What does politicians in black robes means?

"Politicians in black robes" is just one definition of an elected judge. While judges often encourage voters to believe that judges are above the political fray, this saying s ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the ghostly robes?

Those robes are Christmas Ghost Robes from last year and are now unavailable. You had to do the Christmas Quest from last year to get them. They are not tradeable so there is ( Full Answer )
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Why are boys robes usually shorter than girls robes?

There is a misconception that boys robes are shorter due to the 16th-19th century idea of "Breeching." Breeching occurs when a boy, who in his youth, was commonly and acceptab ( Full Answer )
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What is a garder robe?

I believe you mean Garderobe. This is similar to a wardrobe. Aplace to store your clothes.