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What is soil salinity or salination?

The salinity of soil refers to the amount of salt in the soil. Soil sallination is when soil becomes more salty as a result of water movement in the soil usually as a result ( Full Answer )
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Does saline freeze?

Saline does in fact freeze if it gets cold enough. This temperaturemust be far below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Is there a sea with no salinity?

depending on your definition of sea, yes. The Caspian sea is actually a lake....but it is freshwater, and i believe (fact check this before you cite it as truth) that the Bl ( Full Answer )
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Why is Salinity a problem?

Salinity is a huge problem for farmers because they can damage there production by many ways then one. Excess salt in the soil can absorb water from the soil leaving plants wi ( Full Answer )
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What does salination do?

the soil is composed of fragments each capable of making electro-chemical bonds with ions in the soil wate solution. when salination happens the sodium drives away the other i ( Full Answer )
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What decreases salinity?

rain, snow, and melting ice add fresh water to the ocean, lowering the salinity there. Salinity is also lower near the mouths of large rivers. These rivers empty great amounts ( Full Answer )
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How and where does salinization occur?

I recall that the Romans spread salt over the remains of Carthage to ensure it would remain infertile. In the modern world, irrigation is a promoter of salinization! The sa ( Full Answer )
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What is heparinized saline?

Heperanin - is a compound that prevents blood coagulation. It is found in the liver and other tissues but can also be injected intravenously. So I'm assuming that Heparinized ( Full Answer )
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What is salinity and what affects the salinity of the ocean?

Salinity is defined as the total amount of solid material in grams contained in 1km of sea water and is expressed as part per thousand. Salinity affects physical property of o ( Full Answer )