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How do intermolecular forces affect solvation?

This can be a very complex question that you might be able to use some high end computational chemistry codes. But simply put you have van der waals forces, hydrogen bonding, (MORE)
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What is solvate isomerism?

It's when there are two different neutral groups. One attached to the molecule and one not. The isomer will form whenever the two neutral groups switch
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Is solvation in water called solubility?

True. Solvation in water is called solubility. Solvation is also referredto as dissolution in some cases. When ions dissolve in a solvent,they are distributed and eventually g (MORE)
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What is molecular solvation?

Molecular solvation: polarity of a solute is attracted to the polarity of the solvent. No ions are formed.
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What is the difference between solvation and solvolysis?

One major difference between the two processes is that solvolysis is a chemical reaction in which strong bonds are formed between. The solute & solvent. However, solvation alt (MORE)