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What is a surplus?

Being more than or in excess of what is needed or required. In accounting a non-profit organisation does not make a profit; anyexcess income over expenditure is called a Surp ( Full Answer )
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What is Surplus?

Surplus is an excess of something. Such as a store that has 100 boxes of soap, but only intends to sell 50 boxes. They have a surplus of 50 boxes.
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Consumer surplus and producers surplus?

\nConsumer surplus - the difference between what a consumer is willing to pay and what they actually pay. Aggregate consumer surplus measures consumer welfare.\n. \nProducer ( Full Answer )
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What is surplus merchandise?

Surplus merchandise is merchandise that you have leftover that hasbeen unsold. This is generally items that cannot be sold becausethey are out of season.
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What is surplus budget?

A surplus budget is a year in which more money is taken in than isspent. This situation is very unusual in recent years, but didoccur a couple of times in the 1990s.
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What is budget surplus?

If you are budgeting money, then budget surplus refers to money that is left unspent. If you were budgeting say time, then budget surplus refers to unused time.
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What is export surplus?

These are goods which are in extra quantity and are given to retailers on buying a package of goods. These are then sold at low cost because these are profit to retailers at a ( Full Answer )
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What is customer surplus and producer surplus?

Consumer surplus is the difference between the maximum amount a person is willing to pay for a good and its current market price. Producer surplus is the difference between ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms of surplus?

A surplus is an extra amount of something, I guess you could compare them to leftovers in our time, but some synonyms are: excess, superabundance, surfeit, oversupply, remains ( Full Answer )
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What is an agricultural surplus?

It means an area, community or country has produced more of a certain type of crop than the area, community or country needs to feed its self. The excess (the surplus) can the ( Full Answer )