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My understanding is that they have 90 days to either have you picked up or have to release you to your own recognizance.

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Q: How long can Los Angeles County Jail hold you on an out of county warrant?
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Can you bail out of jail in 1 county if there holden you for another county?

When a person is being held in a county jail on warrant from another county, then a bail bond cannot be posted until that person has been transported to the county which issued the warrant.

How do you Clear Marion county Florida warrant?

Turn yourself in to the jail in Marion county, fl.

What is a agency hold in county jail?

County hold means that you have a outstanding arrest warrant in another county and you are being held for 10 days. The other county has 10 days to pick you up or you will be released from jail as long as you do not have a case pending in the county you are in jail at.

What if your in jail in one county and another county issued a bench warrant what happens when you get out of jail?

When you have served your period of incarceration in the first county, before they release you they should check to see if there are any other "criminal holds" on you. When they find the bench warrant they will hold you for the other county to come get you and return you to the court that issued the bench warrant.

In jail in Travis county and a bench warrant in Hays county. Due to be release from Travis county jail how long can Travis hold you for hays county court?

Counties are only allowed to hold you for 10 days... If the other county doesn't come get you then the county you are in has to let you go!

What does OOCW mean on court jail orders after arraingment proceedings?

out of county warrant

What can you bring into Los Angeles county jail?

Anything you like.

Does a county jail check for warrants when you get your property?

Before you are released from the county jail, a national warrant check (NCIC) is always conducted as part of the release process, even if you've stayed in jail for a length of time.

How long can Harris county jail hold someone on an out of county warrant?

Until they are picked up by the county that holds the warrant.Added: The term "Extradition" is used only when referring to out-of-state warrants.

What is the Los Angeles County Jail phone number?

You can contact the L.A. County Sheriff's Department at (213) 473-6080.

Name a few County jail inmates database directories.?

Some examples of county jail inmates database directories include the Los Angeles County Inmate Locator, Cook County Sheriff's Office Inmate Search, and Harris County Sheriff's Office Online Jail Population Search.

When you have finished your sentence in one county jail and move to another county to complete a sentence for Violation of probation why might they have a hold on you in the first county?

Perhaps there is a new charge or VOP warrant issued after the first county released you.