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Why do some people celebrate Christmas in July?

In the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, meaning December falls in the summertime. Some places in countries like Australia and South Africa hold Midwinter Christmas events in July so that they have a winter feel like Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. These countries still celebrate actual Christmas on December 25.

Alternatively, the Northern Hemisphere celebrates Christmas in July ironically. The Hallmark Channel will show Christmas films during this time to coincide with the premiere of that year’s Keepsake Ornament collection, a marketing ploy that has literally helped to bolster the phrase “Hallmark holiday.”

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What historical event happen since 1989?

The fall of communism in much of eastern Europe. The attacks on the twin towers in New York. The release of Nelson Mandela.

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What is a traditional Spanish food?

The answer is "There is no answer"! This is because Spain developed from an amalgamation of different kingdoms and regions each of which has its own traditions INCLUDING FOOD. To see a long list of regional foods found in Spain, see the related question and answer further down this page.

In general, in comparison to the food in neighbouring European countries, the food in Spain is quite simple. Food is cooked in Spain using only a few spices; however, garlic is the exception to this rule as it is found in abundance in most food in Spain. Despite the simple ingredients and recipes for food in Spain, one will be pleased to know that eating food in Spain is a communal and hearty affair with food portions in Spain being quite large. One of the major misconceptions is that Spanish food is spicy; it is not.

Tapas are traditional in Spain. These are small portions of food served to an individual as an accompaniment to a drink, usually containing alcohol. If they are ordered to share they are called una ( or more ) ración ( one ration ). Either way they are great for trying new foods. Across different parts of Spain the type of tapas can vary.

Other traditional foods include tortilla (potato omelet), chorizo (cured sausage spiced with paprika) and jamón (cured ham), gazpacho and salmorejo (both cold tomato based soups), morcilla (black pudding with rice). Fish and shellfish are very popular - calamares (squid rings) are perhaps the most common. Paella is perhaps the most famous Spanish dish and consists of rice flavoured with saffron and cooked with meat, vegetables and seafood (or any combination of these). The best pork (including jamón) is labelled 'ibérico'.

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How can you make your own skin for Winamp?

Read the article: winamp.cpm

Also, this article has a tutorial that can be downloaded in .pdf file format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view; is free, available from:

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What two levels does Toni Morrison intend her stories to work on?

Toni Morrison intended her stories to work on both oral and written levels.