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What is the man flu?

The term “man flu” stems from the idea that men are prone to exaggerating the severity of their symptoms when experiencing the common cold or another minor ailment. Although the phrase is most often used in a tongue-in-cheek way, there may be some merit to the male whine. In 2017’s customarily playful (but still peer-reviewed) Christmas edition of The BMJ, professor Kyle Sue pointed to research suggesting that men are more susceptible to complications when suffering from an acute respiratory disease. They’re also more likely to go to the hospital and, unfortunately, succumb to the flu.

English to Japanese

I'm Japanese and thinking to name my baby "Yoshito" but then I found "sh*t" in it. I really like how it sounds in Japanese but not too sure in English. So I was wondering how people speaking English as a first language feel about this name. Thanks.?


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