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According to the ideal gas law, what happens to the volume of a gas when the pressure doubles (all else held constant)?

The volume is halved

(Explanation): this is boyle's law PV=PV. In order to keep this equation true, if one variable (pressure in this case) is doubled, the other variable must be the reciprocal of that (in this case 1/2, which is reciprocal of double).


What is true of dynamic equilibrium?

All the changes to a system cancel out.


How does temperature affect the Keq of reaction?

Changing the temperature will change Keq


How does temperature affect Keq of a reaction?

Increasing temperature (by heating up a reaction mixture of reactants and products at equilibrium) will also increase the value of Keq (i.e. more products formed) if products are formed endothermically.

Keq = A * e ^[-H/R.T]

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