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Why do so many people love Fortnite why not Minecraft, I mean what's the point of Fortnite?

It’s just super addicting when you first play it like there is guns even most youtubers play it and go crazy for it!

What happens if we lose oxygen for 10 minutes?

Most of our body cells would stop functioning after 10 minutes of lack of oxygen.

If there is no oxygen in the environment, airplanes would have crashed, and mostly every vehicle that requires oxygen would stop moving.

Let's say 1,000,000 years from now aliens come to our planet would ask if the humans had so much why did they disappear all of a sudden.

Some people, like me, say weird words for no reason. Why is that?

I believe its to pass time in a fun and weird way

Minecraft hypixel server glithes?

There was once this glitch and when i mined one diamond it gave me 5!!! that was a good glitch