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Where to download Yoshi?

on the Wii it's under virtual console in the Shopping channel.

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What is Kingdom about?

kingdom hearts is About a Boy named sora who sets off on an epic adventure to find his friends Riku and Kiari. he joins his journey with Donald Duck and Goofy as they try to find KING Mickey(he went missing looking for Sora- the Keyblade Master.. you fight as Sora , get new friends and armor, learn magic, and hopefully in the end become a fanatic like me <3 Karah


Kingdom Hearts is about a boy named Sora who tries to find his lost friends Riku and Kairi. Donald and Goofy(classic Disney characters) help him in his journey while they search for King Mickey. You travel through many Disney based worlds. This game is a crossver between Final Fantasy and DIsney not to mention other created characters like:

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Namine, Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Saix, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, Larxene, Roxas, Ansem the Wise aka DIZ, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua

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How do you feel about Obama?

really cool

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What is Cameron Boyce's weight?

Cameron is about 100 lbs