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United States Postal Service (USPS)

Has a human ever been mailed via the United States Postal Service?

Actually, yes. Shortly after parcel post was introduced in the early 1900s, several parents sent their small children though the mail. This was done with the help of sympathetic postal workers, most commonly over short distances in rural areas. And it was cost effective—in 1913, it cost just 15 cents to mail an 8-month-old baby to his grandmother.

Before you get any big ideas, though, know that the fun came to an end in 1920 when the postmaster general officially outlawed sending people through the mail. How lame.

Math and Arithmetic

What is the quotient of -63 and -9?

-63/-9 = 7

Math and Arithmetic

What is 8 divided by 56 equal?

8 divided by 56 equals 0.142857143

Math and Arithmetic

4 sevenths divided by 6?

4 over 7 divided by 6 = 4 over 7 multiplied b 1 over 6. Answer = 2 over 21.

Math and Arithmetic

What are the square numbers between 0-1000?

There are 22.360679774997898 square numbers between 1 and 500. But the rounded answer is 23.

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