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Can you have more then 3 c-sections without making your stomach to weak to repair it self as a Dr told me not to have any more than three babies but we want 4 he said this will reck my body?

You should trust your doctor more than any advice you would get from a stranger. He has seen you in person, knows your history, and has access to your health records. You also have to keep in mind, he does this every day for a living, as well as went to many years of schooling. He probably has a pretty good clue what is going on.

Math and Arithmetic

What is 100000000 divided by 10?

100,000,000/10 = 10,000,000

Math and Arithmetic

What is 7 divided by 4?

7/4 = 1.75
7/4 or 1.750

Math and Arithmetic

What is 42 divided by 7?

42 / 7 is 6

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What is 360 divided by 80?


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