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What was the first TV dinner?

The first official Swanson-brand TV dinner consisted of a Thanksgiving-style meal with turkey, gravy, cornbread stuffing, sweet potatoes, and buttered peas. It sold for 98 cents.

Domestic Dogs

What is a dog with no f?



Gay means happy?

Gay used a certain way can mean happy or homosexual

Bella Thorne
Zendaya Coleman

Are Bella Thorne and Zendaya gay?

No, they are not. They are best friends.

Teen Dating

How do you find out if a girl really likes you?

Here is some advice from contributors:

  • If she stops and looks at you a lot; if she laughs at your jokes; if shes giggles around you.
  • Here's some help coming from a girl's POV. If you've noticed that she has gradually began to get closer to you, ex: sitting with you at lunch, talking with you more, asking if you want to go do something, or hanging from a tree by herself out side your window. She may squawk like a monkey at first, but don't worry, its just a phase. She may also be mean to you: make fun of you when you do something stupid or have a good come back when you've completely set yourself up for it. Staring at you and looking away or acting like she was looking at something else when you notice. She may begin to take an interest in things you like and when you are sitting by her and either your arm or leg "accidentally" touches her and she doesn't move and if she does its to scoot closer to you.
  • This is coming from a girl. I'm sort of shy when I like a guy. I flirt back if he starts it, but I'm usually don't flirt with a guy I like unless I can tell he wants to. I'm usually more quiet, but I smile a lot when he says something to me. A lot of times I make sure that he has a good "view" of my cankles. When you talk to the girl you like, you should be able to tell if she likes it or not. If she laughs at the things you say, even it isn't that funny, if she pays full attention to you when you talk to her. I think letting a girl know you like her is always a good thing, but don't do it. If she likes you, she'll tell you, but if not, she won't think you're weird, just... odd. So, flirt and if she responds well, tell her.
  • All girls are different, some are the shy type, some are the more active type as in acting a bit more forward. A girl that is just naturally a shy type will express her like for you by trying to ignore you, hardly speaking to you but you will notice her stare (give you glances) and you may notice her try to look away quickly so that you don't catch her, you may even catch her smile at you at times> It will seem very obvious by the way she tries to avoid you. You'll just notice. Now on the other hand a girl that is more active will tend to stand closer to you when you talk with her and stuff. She may want to keep talking to a bit longer.
  • If you want to know if she likes you get a few people around you and ask them all who they like just so when it comes to asking the girl you like, it will seem natural that you're asking everyone. IF she stumbles for an answer or blushes or is like 'uh no-one' (giggle giggle) or looks at her friend for an answer, then you can be nearly 100% sure (not that good).
  • 1. Ask her friends; 2. Ask her in person; 3. Flirt and find out; 4. Ask a friend to ask her.
  • I am a girl and somewhat shy, but when I like a boy I tend to look over at him a lot and smile when he talks to me (without even realizing it). If I pass him in the hallway I will poke him or hit him lightly or something too and keep walking like I didn't do it.
  • A lot of people say that a girl's heart rate gets faster or she blinks faster if she is near the person she likes, so make sure you put your hand on her chest. perhaps invest in a stethoscope. but some raise the question "do I really have to measure her pulse to see if she me?" Well no! there is a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH easier way. in fact, this is so easy, you will laugh at its simplicity, you don't even have to talk to her, not even look at her, you can be a deaf mute and this will work. Here is how it works: Women are territorial, like cats. if the person you like sits next to you in class, scoot a little bit close to her, like 1/2 an inch (half an inch). since women have their "personal space" and their "other people space", she may move farther away, this means that you are still in the "other people space", you don't want that, you want her NOT to move, ie. let you into her "personal space", so what you should do is: 1. Move closer to her while talking or sitting (not too close, like 1-2 inches - so get out your handy dandy measuring tape!!). 2. See if she moves away, if she does not, then congrats buddy, she likes you! (because she let you into her "personal space").
  • I hang out with and talk with a lot of girls and I've noticed some of their flirts: 1. A comeback that you've set up for yourself. 2. Any small tap or poke, or even just a hit on the arm. 3. Lots of laughing, smiling, staring. 4. If they pass you in a hall and say hello or do something to make you notice them.
  • I'm a SHY girl and this is what I do when I like someone and I'm not sure about whether the feeling is reciprocated: I try not to look at them. Confusing yes, but those kinds of things can be seen in someone's eyes... hence, the eye aversion.
  • If the girl is always calling you names with her friends and does not do that when it is just you two, then you can tell that she likes you. If she comes out of nowhere and puts her arms around you then you can tell that she likes you a lot. When a girl is always making fun of you that's because she thinks you are so sexy. Don't be scared to go up to a girl when she is with her friends. Her friends already know that the girl likes you so don't be shy. Stand up and be a man.
  • (I'm a girl) You can tell if a girl sincerely likes you, when she hangs on every word you say. Meaning: you ask her something simple that doesn't require a long answer, like "So you went to college to take up what?" And she replies, "For liberal arts." If she really likes you she'll try to add something to keep the conversation moving. She'll add something like, "Yeah I wanted to take up something else but I..." or she may ask YOU something, "What did YOU take up in college?" When you speak to her and you're looking into her eyes she'll stare straight into yours and never look away b/c she's so into your words, your voice, your thoughts. Many people say you can tell if a girl likes you if she touches you a lot and that's true, but sometimes there isn't a real reason to touch. So maybe she'll shyly find an excuse to stand next to you although she can really move over a little. THE MAIN WAY TO TELL: She pays more attention to you than anyone else. Test: have a friend (mutual) say hello to her while you're talking to her. If she turns fast and says hello and then turns back to you as if she was never interrupted -good chance she likes you. Note: you can't try it on HER friends. Because to throw you off, she may go into conversation with them -but then she'll realize how rude that is, and try to add you in on the conversation. I hope that helps.
  • That is very true; she will sit buy you more often and also talk to you more and flirt with you like play around with you and stare, ask you questions and smile a lot at you. As a girl with one of my guy friends I seem to smile a lot and flirt with him also and play around with him, tease him and pick on him a lot.
  • You can think that a girl also like you if she's interested in knowing you a lot more. I just want to give some advice like don't assume too much or don't expect too much from the girl because there might be a time that you'll get so paranoid in a sense that you may give meaning in everything she will do to for you. And that's the hard state in having a crush because you'll find yourself in hanging with the big question mark if what you are in her life.
  • Main clue: the girl laughs a lot. She won't stop laughing during the conversation. if she totally does then probably 1. she has a huge worry about something or she is in pain (stomachache...) or 2. she probably does not like u that much. or 3. she does not like you (but no worries there is millions of girls out there).
  • I'm a 13-year-old girl. I have had relationships where a guy liked me, but I didn't like him. He asked me out I said yes. You never know if that could be the person you will fall in love with. Girls are unpredictable, you just have to believe her when she says she really likes you or loves you. Take a chance, it may be worth it.
  • I'm a 15 year old girl and I find the best way to show a boy you like them is to be a good friend to them but make sure you have a closeness with them that they don't have with anybody else, or I do things like smile at them whenever I see them and laugh at their jokes, join in there conversations, but I'm quite shy around there mates so watch out for that because it is a BIG telltale sign. When you talk to her if she looks away she may not like you or may just be nervous, but if she look into your eyes she really does like you, if she looks at your lips then she is interested in what you are saying but at the same time really want to kiss you, if she is looking at other people she is not interested and if she looks at your man parts then she just wants a sexual relationship, nothing else! Also watch out for her mimicking what you do - i.e., you have hand on hips and so does she, this means she is into you.
  • This is my point of view on these things and I'm a girl. Just letting you know. Normally when I like a boy, I tend to hang around him as much as possible. Or I try and establish contact. I poke him, push him, hit him lightly, just as everyone else said. In a dude's point of view, if you catch her looking at you, or find that she smiles at you a lot, she probably likes you. Or if she just appears randomly then that's another sign.
  • If you have a phone, try texting her sometime! I'm a girl, and I know girls LOVE to text! They text everyone, even if they don't like them. So you can start texting her and once you guys have been texting for a while, start talking to her at school. You will really get to know her well by then. You can also ask a girl (one that you REALLY trust) to ask the girl you like who she likes. I did that once with a boy I really trusted.

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