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Names and Name Meanings

What does slight mean?

slight (adj.) Small in size, degree, or amount: a slight tilt; a slight surplus.

slight (v.) To treat as of small importance; make light of

Math and Arithmetic
Prime Numbers

The square of certain number exceeds 24 by 5 times the numberwhat is the number?

x2 - 5x - 24 = 0

(x + 3)(x - 8)

x = 8

Check it.

64 exceeds 24 by 40.

It checks.

Rounding and Estimating Numbers

How do you round 15763 to the nearest thousand?


Math and Arithmetic

Rounding the 671 to the nearest hundred?

the answer is 700!

Drew Brees

How did Drew Brees get a scar on his face?

It's not a scar. The mark on Drew Brees' face is a birthmark that he was born with.

He had surgery a few years ago, while playing for Purdue, to try to remove it, but it has not helped much. Now he has a little of the birthmark still, but also a scar now. Anyone who watches football, would have seen it.

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