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Animal Life

Do animals name each other?

There's no way to speak for all animals, but there is evidence that some animals do have ways to differentiate each other. Some parrots, for example, seem to identify themselves with specific sets of peeps, and it's possible their parents give them those names. Sweet, right?

And parrots aren't the only animals we suspect name each other. Dolphins also have distinctive whistles that function similarly to names. To prove this, researchers played a variety of whistles to a group of dolphins, and the individuals only replied to their signature sound, as if they were calling back when their name had been called.

Math and Arithmetic

What are the three main microbes in science for age 11-14?

The three main microbes are bacteria, viruses and fungi. viruses can not be gotten rid of as they attach them selfs to your cells, to get rid of them you have to destroy all the infected cells. Fungi diseases can be gotten rid of for examle onychomycoses (discoulering of the toes)

Math and Arithmetic

How many minutes is 731 - 806?

806 minutes is 13 hours and 43 mins.

Math and Arithmetic

What is 252 divided by 9?

252/9 = 28

Math and Arithmetic

What number is between 8 and -12?


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