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Dian Fossey

How did dian fossey became a zoologist?

Fossey left Africa in 1970 to complete work for a doctorate at the University of Cambridge in England. In 1974 she received her degree in zoology with the completion of her dissertation, “The Behavior of the Mountain Gorilla.” She returned to Rwanda with student volunteers who made broader kinds of research possible.

Domestic Dogs
Color Blindness

Why are dogs color blind?

truthfully dos are not colorblind they can see all colors. Dogs eye vision can get confused of colors that look similar, like red and orange they also see things a little darker or lighter then we do

Dogs go much by smell, so not having color vision hasn't been required for their survival. In fact many animals other than dogs are (partially) color blind.

The Twilight Saga
The Vampire Diaries Book Series

Twilight or Vampire Diaries?

Vampire Diaries .......... Twilight is so stupid.


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