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What is a perfect location for a classroom?

Actually perfect place for a Class room in india ,we used to sit down of big trees with a portable black board,where we can feel refreshed and good oxygen and perfect mindset to understand the concepts, really I study in a school were we have huge a/c classroom with smart board but when our biology teacher take us to sit down of tree it's heaven (ยดโˆฉ๏ฝกโ€ข แต• โ€ข๏ฝกโˆฉ`)

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Where did Drew Brees go to school?

St. Andrew's Episcopal School

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What was Jack like as a child?

he was a very smart and creative kid who thought his dream job would be the Easter Bunny but as he got older he learned he loved theater.

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Is Obama a Democrat?

Yes. President Obama is a Democrat, i.e., a member of the Democratic party in the US political system. By most objective accounts, he is considered a moderate or centrist Democrat in his political philosophy. He also is a democrat, i.e., a member of the citizenry of a democracy within a philosophy of a democratic government, such as in the US.