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Royal Family

Do the UK Royal Family represent inequality?

As nobody has answered yet I shall, I think they do demonstrate inequality, they are born with special privileges, this really seems unacceptable in the 21st century. I personally think they took over hundreds of years ago and if anyone disagreed with them they chopped off their heads, and they have been in place (spinning us this lie like a bully) every since, why has nobody questioned this!? Surely am not the only one who thinks what they represent is unacceptable, they are not elected, not accountable, that's not fair. We teach our children if you do bad you don't get the good things in life, yet this doesn't apply to them. Yes they do charity work, but they are paid too, we give them money and they give some away (slow hand clap). Sorry but in my opinion these have to go or at least have a King or Queen that we have voted for, whose worked for their wealth.

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